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Let me take you on a short journey ... a brief glimpse into my world.

My heels click against the cold, concrete floor merely inches from your body. The sound resonates through you, reminding you with every step that you are bound to me physically and mentally. You steal a glance in my direction, an act of disobedience but desire overcomes you. I am dressed in typical domme fashion ... thigh-high leather boots, black corset, my whip dangling casually from my hand, your leash held firmly in the other hand. Your body, your knees and hands, begin to ache with the physical distress of crawling along the concrete, naked, at my side. But your discomfort is overshadowed by the fear of what lay in store for you on this particular evening. Your Mistress has promised you a surprise.

I move through the crowded dungeon, pausing briefly to converse with fellow Tops on an array of topics. Slowly I make my way to a small back room, dimly lit as is customary for this sort of venue. The room contains two other occupants, both male. You steal another quick glance, and note their toned physiques and sculptured abs. They are both hard, bulging through tight leather pants. There is a sense of eagerness in the air; a feeling of hunger that emanates from carnivores kept waiting for their meal. Fear sets in as realization surfaces. You are the meal. Your cock, already hard as the result of a well-placed, snug fitting ring, begins to throb despite your panic.

I am discussing some sort of arrangement with the men, but our words are drowned by the sound of blood pumping through your veins. An animalistic urgency comes over you, and suddenly you begin to crave the forbidden. The next moments are a swirling torrent of sensations ... the feel of a smooth, hard cock being rammed into your gaping mouth ... the joy of sucking and licking this voracious member ... the desire to be violated as you feel hands fondling your willing virgin ass.

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(Mistress Sierra is a true lifestyle Domme. She has almost 10 years of extensive experience in the BDSM community. Her tastes range from sensual domination to severe, corporal punishment. She is intelligent, well educated, and believes in the proper use of pronouns. Chat with her to find out more.)