Ms. Piper Drafts You Into Her Cocksucking Army

sissies suck cock for the first time

You know you can’t say no to me!
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Did you know that women don’t always particularly like to suck cock? Especially since women like me aren’t sucking underwhelming cocks like yours.

It takes a lot of work to get a real man off, and sometimes Mistresses just don’t want to handle that job themselves. That’s why we’re always looking for new recruits for our cocksucking army. All you have to do is show up at our recruitment event dressed in your frilly panties, thigh high stockings, and heels. Get ready to drop to your knees and give me twenty!

You don’t have to be a sissy to qualify for my team of cocksuckers, but I’ve been told by many a stud that sissies suck cock better than women. It’ll help your chances if you play the part.

Besides, being seen by a real man while you’re wearing panties, stockings, and heels will go a long way in helping you feel submissive. You don’t want to have any fight in you, because studs aren’t very nice when they’re face fucking a bitch like you. It’s best to just give in and save yourself the sissy humiliation of being pinned to the ground while a manly man humps your face hole.

Sissies in stockings aren’t tempted to pretend to be men. They know their place.

They know they belong on their knees, awaiting instructions from a superior woman who uses their mouth cunt how and when she wants.

You have your marching orders, and you’d best not approach me standing up. Crawling is appropriate posture for a service bitch. On all fours with your mouth open.

Be ready to have your face plunged. Be ready to take cock for Mistress.

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Turbo Charged Cock Sucking with Mistress Audrey

Turbo charged cock sucking with Mistress Audrey.

Ready for some turbo charged cock sucking?

I know you have persistent bi fantasies, dream about cock sucking adventures and constantly crave extreme humiliation that’s so good, you beg for more.

If you’ve been too {afraid? lazy? ashamed?} cock crazed to spell out cocksucker and put it in the search box of my blog,, then you might already be out there indulging your persistent bi fantasies, having satisfying cock sucking adventures and experiencing extreme humiliation that’s so good you beg for more…But instead you’re here, secretly reading my post. When you’re finished reading this, click on over and you will find that I have written tons of posts on this subject with real life case studies from my callers. All you need to do is to spell cocksucker out and put it in the search box! Hmm I can think of one magic wand that might pop up when you do this!

Tubo charged cock sucking is possible for you.

Can’t stop thinking about cock? If you feel like you were destined to be a cock sucker, have coerced bi fantasies and would like to discuss it with Mistress Audrey, she takes sessions most days and evenings. Please check Audrey’s Schedule or the CockControl page to see her availability.


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Advice for the Advanced or Beginner Cock Sucker

Older men can be better for the advanced or beginner cock sucker.

Cock sucker advice from Mistress Simone.

Bend and Suck the Cock!

Most cock suckers seem to believe that a young guy that has just turned 21 is the best type of guy to suck off. These guys after all can get it up over and over again. They are young, and full of lots of cum right? Well, yes, but also very immature and inexperienced. A person that savors cock sucking might instead enjoy a nice, older cock. Say a man in his early 60’s or late 50’s that has kept up with himself.

Imagine the late David Bowie, he had just turned 70.

Let us think of all the rock stars that are still going that are now older men. Do you not still find them attractive? There is something enticing about taking a man that takes a while to cum and savoring his cock in your mouth. You actually get to experience the thrill of feeling him get hard while in your mouth. Also, if he does cum in your mouth, you know he truly does enjoy and appreciate you.

You become a cock sucker he will joyfully cherish.

It’s not everyday that an older man finds someone that will take the time to savor his cock. Therefore, I say find a man that is like a fine wine and savor his juice. You will not regret this decision. Now, where do you find a man of age that wants his cock sucked you ask?

Look to your local LGBT meet up groups in town and go to their meet and greet.

You never know what might happen next…

“Get some cock in your mouth”


Mistress Simone


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What Does a Bottom Bitch Want by Ms. Audrey

Big CockSuck a big cock for Mistress Audrey.

There are just two words that answer the question of what does a bottom bitch actually want. Big Cock. Listen up sissies, submissives and closeted cock sucking bitches. Today we’re covering the important topic of “Big Cock and How To Get It.” Having spoken with hundreds of bottom bitches and wannabe bottom bitches, I can tell you that the #1 thing a sissy like you wants is to suck a big cock.

Where to Find a Big Cock

My callers get their fix at many places including adult book stores, gay bars, regular bars and more. A surprising number of my cock sucking addicts do it at the gym. That’s right, in the men’s showers, dressing rooms and steam rooms. I hear this again and again. I know that any guy that goes to the gym a lot (this means you, all you gym rats) is probably doing more than working out his biceps.

Where To Find Ongoing Cock

As your Mistress, I know all about your secret dark fantasies, your all-consuming desire to suck cock and a long list of other cravings, like having a Mistress make you suck a cock just to please her. I also know that many of my callers stew over the fact that what they really want is an ongoing weekly or bi-weekly (no pun intended) hook up. I have plenty of instructions and details on how to get what you want in a very efficient and discreet manner.

If you would like to have Mistress Audrey as your cock sucking confidant, she’s available most days and evenings. Just check the Cock Control blog to see if Mistress Audrey is available.


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The Art of Cock Sucking

Think about the importance of licking a man’s balls.

Lick the Balls!

Lick the Balls!

Don’t think so much about sucking cock. I mean, you already know you want to suck a cock. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to suck cock, even if you are straight sexually. It’s natural to have thoughts of what it would be like to do something that you know in your mind you would never do in regular life. So, that aside, let’s discuss something else that would be fun.

I want you to think about licking a man’s balls.

First off, they smell really good. They are manly and there is something extraordinarily hot about rubbing your entire face against a man’s balls. Don’t worry about sucking them at first. Just close your eyes and rub your entire face against those glorious balls. You will be glad that you did.


Lift up the balls with your nose and breathe him in.

Smell his essence and enjoy and savor his scent. It’s important that you don’t rush it. You want to take your time and really take pleasure out of every moment with that giant pair of balls. When you are ready, and you will know when the time is right, you will stick out your tongue.

Slowly lick his balls at this point.

Remember, you are not in any hurry at all. This is a time just for you and the guy you are enjoying. You want him to feel good, but it’s also about submitting to the power of a man’s balls. You are submitting to the exquisite magnificence of another man.

Suck and Lick those balls ’til you lose yourself in his moans.

Only then will you look up into his eyes and take things to the next level.

Are you ready to satisfy a man?

I can help you sweetheart!


Mistress Simone


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Ms. Audrey’s Tips for Cock Suckers

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Coerced Cock Sucking and Cum Eating For Mistress Piper

Want a lick? 800-356-6201

What’s that? You have been thinking about sucking cock and eating cum for Mistress?

You are so adorable. You actually believe you’ll be sucking cock for me? Why do I get the feeling that you’ll be sucking cock for yourself, because you want to, and my role is merely . . . → Read More: Coerced Cock Sucking and Cum Eating For Mistress Piper

Cock Sucking Fantasies with Mistress Simone

Romantic dreams of being with a man are perfectly normal.

Let’s start with thinking of a man’s biceps. Think about how wonderful it would feel to have those hard biceps wrapped around your small frame. It’s okay just to think about it. You want to think about those strong biceps and putting your . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking Fantasies with Mistress Simone

Ms. Alexis Wants to Hear About Your Cock Sucking Fantasies

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Cock Size: How Much Can You Take?

Bend over and accept your fate in the cock suckers club.

Be a Cock Sucker!

Let’s face it boys.  You love to have a nice, thick, juicy cock in your mouth as much as most Texans enjoy a nice steak.  You crave it constantly.  It’s almost a drive in and of itself.  When . . . → Read More: Cock Size: How Much Can You Take?