Get Dick Sucking Lips for Better Cocksucking!

Cocksucking Coach Mistress Rachel 1-800-356-6169The voracious cocksucker is always looking for new ways to up their cock sucking game. I offer plenty of tips on My personal blog; The most popular post encourages the cocksucker to think of his mouth as a pussy. But there’s one aspect of an inviting pussy it never occurred to Me to include in those instructions: the spine-tingling caress of a pair of plump pussy lips wrapped around his throbbing shaft.

Some of you are blessed with nice full lips from the get-go, otherwise known as DSL’s–Dick Sucking Lips. But if you’re not one of the lucky ones, there are a couple of natural ways to increase the volume of your lips temporarily.

Consider cupping for pillowy dick sucking lips!

There are special devices on sale made for this purpose, and if your mouth is as busy as Grand Central Station, you might want to invest in one.

If not, a heavy shot glass might just do the trick. Simply apply some lip balm or a dab of olive oil, press the glass to your mouth, and make a tight seal by sucking in. Hold for 15 second intervals 5 or 6 times, being careful not to suck too hard, and your lips will be noticeably plumper!Cocksucking Coach Mistress Rachel 1-800-356-6169

You’ll probably end up with a ring around your lips from the rim of the glass, but that should only last for 15 or 20 minutes, giving you plenty of time before the doorbell rings for your semen delivery. The effects should last for about two hours, just long enough for your stud cock to show, blow, and go!

Everyone’s body is different though, so try this out on a slow night just to be sure it’s right for you.

Peppermint or cinnamon oil will make them tingle before you make him tingle!

The effects of peppermint oil and cinnamon oil will be more subtle, especially because you don’t want to use too much. A couple of drops of either one mixed in with a couple of drops of olive oil or coconut oil and applied to your lips will cause circulation to increase, thereby making them delightfully full for your mouth-full. Your stud cock might even enjoy the slight tingling sensation as added stimulation, similar to the Altoids trick, but much more mild.

You can get cinnamon oil and peppermint oil from your local health food store, and if you don’t have one of those, they’re available on Amazon. In a pinch, a little bit of toothpaste might work, but your best bet is the oil.

As always, if you end up trying out these techniques, I’d love to know about it! I just know there are some true devotees out there who are liable to take on any method that increases the intensity of an Alpha cock‘s pleasure!

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Suck the Tip Cock Sucking

Sucking just the tip cock sucking is not just for beginners!

It’s okay to stroke the shaft and just stick the tip of the cock in your mouth, as long as you are enthusiastic. Cock sucking does not have to necessarily be a deep throat game. I know several cock suckers, including myself, that do not deep throat. Sometimes, a particularly large cock can be intimidating, but it does not have to be as long as you are having a good time.

Don’t be scared of sucking extra long cocks.

Vary your cock sucking skills and become an expert!

Suck that big cock!

Just put your hand around the shaft of the cock. Most likely, your hand will not go all the way around, and that’s okay. It can be difficult to take a cock the size of your wrist in your mouth. In those cases, you might need to use both hands to steady that huge rod.

Think of sucking larger sized cocks as a challenge that you can WIN!

Don’t ever run away from a challenge just because it looks difficult. Now is your time to really shine at cock sucking. Take both hands and hold on tight and alternate movements. Then put just the tip in your mouth and focus on licking the delicious hole that is spewing pre cum. If your mouth does not fit over the whole head, that’s okay as well.

Just take what you can into your mouth, and happily suck it like a pro!

Don’t worry how you look. Just look up at your larger cocked man and smile. It’s your time to shine. You are giving him the best blow job of his life. Make love to his cock, and, above everything else, HAVE FUN!

Do you love to suck large cocks too?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone


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Ms. Piper’s Cock Suckers Must Remember to Gargle and Rinse

ass worship

Surely You Can’t Say No!

Good oral hygiene is important for everyone, but it’s especially important for my cock sucker.

Not that a guy with a hard cock cares whether your mouth is fresh like a daisy; all he’s going to do is spunk it full of spooge. You’ll be smelling like ball sack and jizz soon enough. The gargling and rinsing refers to something else.

Of course I’m talking about that delightful sound when a cock whore is getting a hard dick nice and deep down the goozle, when it’s cutting off the air, he’s drooling and crying.

You’re taking a cock like a man (whore) and you’re making your Mistress proud. Is there any better feeling on earth?

I know I’m having a good time while you’re gargling cock!

Of course, then comes the time when your mouth gets flooded with all kinds of delicious liquids. Yes, I’m talking about a generous load of cum in your mouth!

Only, when you’re getting that cum rinse, don’t even think about spitting it out. Cock suckers always swallow!

Yes, cock whore, having good oral hygiene is very important when treating your man to a nice blowjob. You have to show him you know exactly how to clean him out and suck him off with that slut mouth.

Your Mistress has assured your boyfriend that you know how to please him, and expectations are high. If you disappoint him, you’re going to disappoint your Mistress. Do you really want to see your Mistress pout?

Get your mouth on that dick, suckface, and harvest that jizz!


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Mistress Loves a Virgin Cock Sucker

Hi! I’m Mistress Erika, and I am addicted virgin cock suckers (said like I was in a recovery program). Now don’t get excited, you have to be over 18! Ha ha! I routinely meet that virgin cock sucker who longs to feel what it’s like to swallow a nice cock! They quiver and quake as I explain to them what they will experience. Will, they cry. Do you really think one day I can suck a real cock, Mistress?

A Virgin Cock Sucker needs training from Ms. Erika.

Your Cock Sucking trainer Mistress Erika

Virgin Cock Sucker

Your mind and fantasies have revolved around sucking cock but you haven’t been able to wrangle a live hot one! Where you live is rural and folks just wouldn’t understand. Or you are so insecure that you are afraid of making a fool of yourself in front of some hot stud! You need cock sucking training! Your fantasies are hot but your upbringing needs to be overcome. Of course going live is a big step for anyone. I understand

Time for the Virgin Cock Sucker

Look, I have all the time in the world. I’d like to get to know where you are at on your cock sucking journey and go from there. I can have you practice cock sucking with our first session, that’s up to you! I have all the time in the world, and I’m not going anywhere. So if you happen to be a nervous need extra time? High strung cock sucker prone to drama it will take us a bit more time to achieve our goals! Buying toys will be necessary and well if other circumstances prohibit buying toys. Well, we are the most evolved species on this planet (supposedly). I’m sure we can figure something out. But we need to practice.

Fantasy Virgin Cock Sucker

At the end of the day, if all you want to do is explore and stay in fantasy that’s hot too. Because endless cock sucking lessons, and teasing you with the experience is a turn on for me. Hearing your moans, and sighs as you imagine what I’m saying. I’ll always have that extra element, that knowledge that feeling of a cock, a hot throbbing cock between my lips that you will only dream of. To each their own, I say. But don’t put off one more day, and let’s begin cock sucking training now.


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Cock Sucking as Foreplay: Be A Fluffer for Yourself!

ass whore

I love the variety of cock devotees I meet in these Femdom environs. Many have defined parameters to their fantasies of cock lust. I’ve noticed, for example, that most of the cock-cravers with whom I play fantasize about sucking as a stand-alone experience; From the rubbing of the bulge to the blasting of the load all over their face or in their mouth, cock sucking is the sum and total of their desires. But others long to experience a more complete submission to the Alpha dong. They have deep throats, yes, but also hungry asspussies. For these ass whores, sucking cock is foreplay.

Cock Sucker, are you your own fluffer?

Does this sound familiar? Do you relate?

Do you fantasize about teasing and tantalizing a great big dick to the point where you are simply seized, flipped into an advantageous position, penetrated, and pounded with a ferocity that almost seems like punishment for making that fuck stick so hard and tingly? Do you dream of having your ass filled with the fruits of your labor, rather than your stomach?

I understand.

I have a boyfriend with a massive dick, as most of you know. What’s more, he really knows how to use it. While there’s no way it could fit into My dainty rectum, My pussy gets more than wet and relaxed enough to accommodate it.ass whore

I know what it feels like to long for penetration. I know what it feels like to ache for the fullness that only a throbbing penis can provide. I love to drive My boyfriend to distraction with My mouth first, because it always ensures that he will take his lust out on Me in the most satisfying of ways. I have some particular moves and methods from My long and fruitful experience with My own stud cock that may perhaps be of use to you ass whores out there who want to use cock sucking to fluff for yourself!

If your cock lust is likely to be confined only to your fantasies, then fantasize along with Me with your favorite ass plug in place about what it would be like to prepare a cock to fill you this way. If you’re a neophyte to cock, let this spur you on in seeking out the real thing. If you’re an expert cock whore, let Me know if you have any tips or tricks of your own!

There’s nothing at all wrong with loving to suck cock alone. But if you either fantasize about or long for more, listen in, and see what you think about My take on cock sucking as foreplay!

ass whore

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Masturbation May Fun for Cock Suckers is in Full Swing

Join the ladies of Enchantrix and have some Masturbation May fun. The ladies have come up with a couple of really awesome ways for you to enjoy your Masturbation May with them. Of course, both ideas involve masturbation, and both will be rewarding prizes!

Masturbation Writing Contest

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Sissy Manly Man the Cock Sucker

Suck the cock!

Sissy Manly Man wanted to tell everyone he was a cock sucker. Unfortunately, Mr. Man was manly looking, with his fuzzy body and beard, even though he was also a sissy slut. He loved nothing more than to hold another man’s cock in his mouth. He had such a problem, . . . → Read More: Sissy Manly Man the Cock Sucker

Miss Rachel Says “Suck Cock for Me Like a Fleshlight!”

Fleshlight Fellatio

You know what a Fleshlight is, don’t you? If you don’t, it’s a masturbation toy popular with many men because of the all-encompassing depth and tight suction it offers. He can just squirt in the amount of lube he prefers, and stroke himself to a powerful orgasm.

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Ms. Piper Converts a Wannabe to Cock Sucking

Confessions Welcome Here 800-356-6169

I figure the majority of the cock sucker wannabes calling me secretly want a Mistress to help them make their fantasies a reality.

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Pathetic males need to learn to suck cock

I firmly believe that all pathetic males need to learn to suck cock.

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