Can you self-suck for Miss Rachel?

I'm looking for those rare boys (and sissies) who can suck their own cock for Me. Even if you can tickle the tip with your tongue, it's an entertaining spectacle! I suppose you've probably read enough of My blogs and maybe even learned through sessions that I love to...

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Wearing Bright Red Lipstick Means You Want to Suck Cock

I'm astounded when cock suckers pretend they don't know that red lipstick is a faggot advertisement. Men see red lipstick and they immediately want to stick their dick in your hole, because it looks like a wet juicy cunt. Oh, they may not be consciously thinking that...

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Tiny Dick

Do you have a tiny dick? Don't worry, even fellas with a truly tiny dick can still have a lot of cock sucking fun with me! I mean, I'm not going to waste my time trying to suck off such a little dingus, but with a little creativity, you can still experience the joy of...

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Following the Scent of Cock Sucking

Cock Sucking Appeal So, the spongy head of his cock felt really good sliding effortlessly between your lips, and you tasted his cock skin as it began to harden and swell in your mouth. His penis, or pretty much any cock for that matter, has a certain allure about it...

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Admit your love of cock for Ms. Harper

What would you do for the love of cock? I mean, let's dispense with the pretense here, you can be honest and upfront about yourself. I already know that you love cock, and that you'd do anything for the love of cock. You've been infested with an obsession about cock...

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Lick Cock for Mistress Simone

Lick the head of the cock like a lollipop! You don't have to focus on deep-throating a cock to be considered a fantastic cock sucker. It really just has to do with how much passion you put into sucking it. Imagine, if you will, that it is your favorite sucker. You...

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Suck Cock for Ms. Piper: If You Don’t Suck It, Who Will?

I'm sometimes asked by my callers who clearly don't know me very well if I like to suck cock, implying that I might like to suck their cock. They're a little shocked when I tell them that I don't suck cock. I have bitches to suck cock for me. In fact, I say, I'm...

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Before You Sucked Cock, You Sucked Ms. Piper’s Toes

I remember how you were before you started sucking cock. You tried to pretend you weren't a cocksucker. You didn't want me to know how much you craved a hard staff of real man's meat crammed down your throat because you knew I'd make sure you stopped just fantasizing...

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