Pathetic males need to learn to suck cock

I firmly believe that all pathetic males need to learn to suck cock.

Just last month I had a weak and worthless male try to pick me up in a bar with a terrible pick up line. So I decided to fuck with him! I seduced him and brought him home, and, because he’d had more to drink than I had, I was able to have my way with him. I stripped him naked and left him to sleep off his shame, with only a bright pink bathrobe to cover himself with the next morning. Imagine my delight when, bright and early the next day, this pathetic creature comes crawling out of the guest room with the damn robe wrapped around his waist like a towel. That weak ass creature didn’t even put it on, his masculinity was so fragile!

800 601 7259 pathetic male cocksuckerPathetic males are so easy to manipulate, it’s a little sad sometimes.

This particular pathetically weak male, with a pink robe wrapped around his waist, was simply shocked to find that he was at my house. Picture me, sitting at my morning table, hot buttered croissants and freshly brewed coffee, sipping and waiting for him. My boyfriend was over, too, in the living room reading The Atlantic and enjoying a glass of OJ. Poor weak male started to get upset, until he realized he wasn’t the only male in the house. Poor fella, to be so easily quelled at the thought of having his humiliation witnessed by a sterling example of a real man. That little pathetic creature was damn near instantly transformed into a shivering sissy!

When a pathetic male discovers that he’s been caught in a compromising position, everything changes.

You see, he’d started to come at me aggressive, holding his dick like he thought it’d impress me. You should have seen the look on his face when my boyfriend stood up. Of course I took advantage of my power over him in that moment. “You’ve got your dick out like that’s supposed to make me want it. Let me show you what a real cock looks like.” My boyfriend knows a cue when he hears it, so he opened up his sleep pants and revealed The Monster. His cock is 10 inches and fat, like a python waiting to strike. And of course, seeing this shivering sissy start to back up just made The Monster stand up so proud!

You know that pathetic, worthless male wound up on his knees.

He dropped the pretty pink bathrobe and used it to kneel on, even! Turns out that weak ass males who try to pick up Mistresses in bars should be careful they don’t get turned into sissy cocksuckers the next morning. Poor fella. He used to be a man, now he’s just a cocksucker.

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Sucking Cock: Your Secret Craving

I’m here to share a little wisdom with you on a subject that I am sure is near and dear to your nether regions. You may be blissfully unaware of the fact that you NEED to suck cock. Most guys tell me that they need to cum, and I just laugh when that happens as that’s clearly a fallacy of their imagination. But when it comes to cock sucking, I don’t joke around.

Is sucking cock your secret craving? Ms. Alexis wants to know!

I know about your secret cock cravings.

So, why do you need to suck cock exactly? Well, for one thing, it’s the only way to stop those cravings! Face it. You wouldn’t be here reading this blog if you didn’t have this insatiable yearning for that juicy stick of man meat. So stop kidding yourself and accept the fact that you can’t live without cock.

Another good reason for slobbing the knob is to show your Mistress/hot wife/girlfriend or whoever just how devoted you are to her. Good subbies definitely aren’t too proud to drop to their knees and suck a big one for the Mistress in his life. The same goes for those who have earned the title of cuckold cock sucker for themselves.

Sucking cock is good for your health.

Why yes, there are direct benefits to using that slut mouth for something other than pleasing your woman in bed. If you’re a member of the cum eating club, then you already know how beneficial that protein is for your skin, hair and nails. The more you gobble, the better you feel! That same principal already extends to stress relief. So, suck some cock and be proud to call yourself a real dick licker.


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Ms. Piper Knows You Crave Black Cock

Suck a black cock for Mistress Piper.

You Know You Need It!

You’re not fooling anybody. We’ve all seen you surreptitiously staring at those big guys at the gym, “spotting” all of the little gym hotties.

It’s funny how those women are pumping iron with their arms, and yet those black studs have their hands all over their partners’ round asses. They’re not even all that good looking, those guys! Why do all the perky little pony-tailed hotties fawn over them?

Hah. You know better than that.

You see the outline of their big black cocks hanging down in their basketball shorts. Why do you think their shorts have to be so long?

You can’t help but be curious, I know. If Madison doesn’t even care that his face looks like a truck hit it, sticking her round little spandex-covered ass out seductively while he and his buddies lick their lips, he must have something between his legs to make all the girls squeal.

We’ve all been laying bets on how long it’s going to take you to out yourself. Oh, those black studs have already decided who’s going to fuck your mouth first.

As soon as you’re caught side-eyeing their big dongs in the showers, you’re going to get summoned.

Do you think they know what I know? That you’ve been watching cock sucking porn for a long time, and you’ve even been practicing on that big dildo you ordered off the internet? Oh, I saw your big plastic dick sticking out from under your bed, which caused me to check your internet history. You’re busted, bitch!

In case you’re wondering, YES, I have told them all of your cock sucking secrets! They know you’re ready to be picked right off that cherry tree.

Pucker up those lips, cocksucker, and get ready to suck a big cock!


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The Inspector of Cocks is on Patrol

Be a cock sucking patrol agent in charge of inspecting cocks.

Become a patrol agent in charge of inspecting cocks for 2017!

Suck the cock!

Every year people promise themselves that they are going to go to the gym and work out more. I think that, this year, you need to trick your mind by using your imagination. In 2017, you are going to be a secret cock sucking patrol agent. Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to inspect all of the cocks. Now, where is a suck patrol agent such as yourself supposed to find such cocks?

I’m glad you asked that question, cock sucking agent!

You are to go to the gym and find a place to work out where you can stare out at the room full of men. I go to a two story gym where I can ride the bike and look out at all the men pumping weights. Your job is not just to inspect, but to mentally judge each man and each man’s cock.

Imagine you have to suck off every man over 8 inches in the room.

Close your eyes while you ride the bike or walk on the treadmill and imagine these guys entering your mouth. Savor the wonderful taste of their pre-cum as they drip slowly on your eager tongue. You know that you can have any man there because you are an expert cock sucker. As a secret cock sucking agent, you can make any man cum, straight or gay. It does not matter if he is there with a girl or not.

All that matters is that you know your skill set as an expert cock sucker.

Now, you are ready and armed to go out there and get fit. Nothing can stop you now. Let me know of your progress!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone


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Romantic Cock Sucking for the Holidays

Romantic holiday cock sucking is a wonderful Christmas present!

Romantic Cock Sucking!

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You Deserve a Man that will Suck Your Cock

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Ms. Piper Drafts You Into Her Cocksucking Army

You know you can’t say no to me! Call 800-356-6201 to begin your training.

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Turbo Charged Cock Sucking with Mistress Audrey

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Advice for the Advanced or Beginner Cock Sucker

Older men can be better for the advanced or beginner cock sucker.

Bend and Suck the Cock!

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