Admit your love of cock for Ms. Harper

What would you do for the love of cock?

I mean, let’s dispense with the pretense here, you can be honest and upfront about yourself. I already know that you love cock, and that you’d do anything for the love of cock. You’ve been infested with an obsession about cock and dick and balls and jizz, and it’s time to stop pretending otherwise. Ever since you first reached down and discovered that it felt good when you played with your own cock, you’ve wondered about other cocks. Does it feel as good to them as it does to you? What would it be like, if you reached over and touched their cock, and made them squirt…

You’ve got a love of cock that just won’t stop.

800 601 7259 love of cockAdmit it: you really love cock. You love the shape and the weight of a cock in your hands. You love how it slowly gets hard, and then rises up like a salute. You love kneeling down and using your mouth to lick and kiss all over that cock. You are a cocksucker, and a slut for cock, and there is really truly nothing that you won’t do for the love of cock. You’re a slut for cock, plain and simple.

Can you imagine your life without cock in it?

I bet you can’t. You literally cannot even think of what your life would be like if you weren’t fascinated by other men’s cocks. If you didn’t glance at their bulges, and get a little drool at the thought of sucking them off, if you never wanked yourself to the idea of sucking dick and eating jizz, if you were a totally different person… But this is who you are. This is what you are. So, drop the innocent act, stop pretending like you’re shocked at the insinuation that you’re a slutty cocksucker, and get on your knees. Because there’s a hard cock that needs to be sucked, and you’re the only slutty whore I see here.

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Lick Cock for Mistress Simone

Lick the head of the cock like a lollipop!

You don’t have to focus on deep-throating a cock to be considered a fantastic cock sucker. It really just has to do with

Lick cock like a lollipop for Ms. Simone.

Lick the cock!

how much passion you put into sucking it. Imagine, if you will, that it is your favorite sucker. You can’t wait to taste it. Now, here’s the difficult part. I want you to hold on to the shaft, near the balls, and just lick the head of that dick!

It’s going to drive your lover absolutely crazy.

You can stroke him a little bit with your hand. But, I mainly want you to focus on your tongue on his cock. Lick his cock while looking up at your lover. You will know you are doing it correctly when he looks at you with lust in his eyes and starts to moan in delight. Focus on the head, but don’t forget that eager hole that needs attention too!

Lick the hole and get that wonderful pre-cum that’s oozing out!

It is absolutely delicious! You feel yourself growing hard from licking up his pre-ejaculate. It tastes so good that you want more. Now, don’t forget to fondle those big heavy balls. They are full of a lot of cum. I love watching you lick his cock with so much enthusiasm and love!

I want you to be gay while licking that cock!

It should feel good to lick that cock and I want you to feel intense joy knowing you are doing an excellent job. There is always happiness in doing something that you are good at. Now, look how happy you are making your lover. You are being an incredible cock sucker for Me. I am proud of you sweetie!

Hugs and Kisses!

I love YOU!

Mistress Simone

Kinky SItes for FemDom Phone Sex

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Cock Sucking Assignment from the Experienced Mistress Olivia

Power exchange and cock suckingcock sucking by Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-356-6169

I know some of you will willingly suck cock for your Mistress. Others of you will need a little more —- ahem — encouragement. I love making you do things. Why? I get off on the Power Exchange. I get wet when I think of you doing something for me that you wouldn’t otherwise do.

Does sucking cock mean that you’re gay?

Short answer: NOPE. Now, you might be gay or bi or simply bi-curious, but that’s not a given just because you want to take man meat. Wanting to be a cock sucker is the number one secret fetish of straight men. Well — maybe not always number one but certainly in the top three. That’s based on my personal and fetish experience (both of which are extensive).

Curiosity and your submission

If you’re here, chances are you either ARE submissive or you like being the sub to a beautiful Femdom. Therefore, Mistress says: “You have 2 choices for your cock sucking assignment.” Saying NO to me is not an option.

Dick choice number 1:

Find a nice, big cock and SUCK THAT COCK! I want you to tell HIM that you love sucking cock. Tell that man you love the taste of his precum and TELL HIM that you really want him to shoot his load right in your mouth and you will promise to swallow every drop because you know that cum should NEVER be wasted (not a DROP).


Dick choice number 2:

Demonstrate by your actions exactly what a silly ‘man’ you are. This means I want you in girly panties …. Preferably frilly, lacy panties, with RUFFLES on the back. LOL I want HIM to see exactly what a tiny little girly dickette you have right there in the lacy front of those panties! Prance around in front of him and say…..I’m such girly girl and I’m all silly flirt with no squirt! Flirt with no squirt!

Notice that either way, you’re going to suck cock? Mmmmmm, that’s what I like about my assignments — I ALWAYS win!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia

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Suck Cock for Ms. Piper: If You Don’t Suck It, Who Will?

You know better than to think your thing is going in this mouth!

I’m sometimes asked by my callers who clearly don’t know me very well if I like to suck cock, implying that I might like to suck their cock.

They’re a little shocked when I tell them that I don’t suck cock. I have bitches to suck cock for me. In fact, I say, I’m thinking about shoving a cock down YOUR throat right about now!

But you know better than to suggest I’d ever let you put your cock in my mouth, don’t you? You know that your job is to suck cock for Mistress, not the other way around!

You may even be a “straight” man, but I’ll still get you to suck cock for me!

I totally buy that you’re not a faggot, and that you only suck cock because you’re submissive to a woman. Being cock curious doesn’t make you gay.

I actually like it better if you are straight, because then you’re all conflicted and filled with shame after I turn you into a cocksucker. You have a true understanding about what you’re giving up to serve me–your very manhood!

You really have to be careful, though, because many a “straight” man has been turned into a faggot by sucking cock for me!

By the way, if you think my bragging about turning men into cocksuckers is all hot air, just know that I am telling you the absolute truth. I can and have sent men to do very dirty things with their mouths simply because they want to please me.

I can even turn you. Don’t believe me? Prove me wrong, then. Give me a call and tell me all about why you’re hanging out on Suck Patrol by accident. Convince me you’re not a cocksucker deep down inside.

Teaching men to suck cock is one of my specialties, but maybe you’ll be the exception. I’m sure you’ll be able to resist my charms. I’m sure you’re not a cocksucker after all! Right?


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Before You Sucked Cock, You Sucked Ms. Piper’s Toes

Kiss My Feet and Suck My Toes, Slave!

I remember how you were before you started sucking cock. You tried to pretend you weren’t a cocksucker.

You didn’t want me to know how much you craved a hard staff of real man’s meat crammed down your throat because you knew I’d make sure you stopped just fantasizing about it and finally took the plunge! (Or, I suppose, got plunged into!)

I knew exactly what I was dealing with, however, while I watched you worship my feet and felt you sucking my toes. You got SO into it, but you didn’t act like a regular foot fetish slave. You kept your eyes closed a lot of the time, and the way you flicked your tongue on the tips of my toes was REALLY telling!

By the time you were hanging your head below my heel and licking and sucking it like it was a big old hairy testicle, I knew exactly what I was dealing with!

You weren’t able to hide the truth from me: you were a cocksucker, and you were doing a terrible job hiding it! I made sure the first time I had you suck cock for me was very special–and very humiliating! You were doing your thing, going at my toes, sucking each one of my toes completely and firmly, working your way down to my heel.

I pulled my foot away and broke your trance. When you opened your eyes, you were amazed and embarrassed to see a HUGE erect cock, waiting for you to show it a good time.

I sat back and laughed at how flustered you were, and how you tried to shift to hide your little hard on when you saw that big shaft and the massive vein squiggling up the side.

“Go on!” I said, sitting back on my elbows to watch the show. “I know you know what to do with a real cock. You’ve been practicing on my toes for months!”

You had no choice but to do what I told you to do. You opened your mouth and took that swollen cock head in your mouth. A cocksucker was born!

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Suck a Cock in 2018

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Mistress Piper’s Cocksuckers Gag, Drool, and Swallow

You Know You Need It!800-601-6975

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Cock Sucking Goals for the New Year

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