Cock Sucking Goals for the New Year

Hi, there cocksuckers. I know some of you sluts have discussed your cock sucking goals with me, and I want to invite the rest of you to do the same. You know worshiping cock is your life now. Let’s make it into a plan on how you can incorporate more cock worshiping in your daily life.

Cock Sucking Goals Quality

First things first, where are you now on your cock journey and where do you see yourself in December? Realistic goals, please!

Cock sucking goals

What are your 2018 cock sucking goals?

Remember quantity isn’t always called for. Sometimes quality needs to be addressed.

So if you are just starting your journey, your goal might be to get better at what you do. Sure it’s fun to learn how to get that juicy dong to shoot in 2-3 minutes but to savor and learn about that cock a longer more leisurely trip is called for. Learning to suck cock like a true connoisseur is what you need, hum? Taking your time to memorize the vein map of that cock, what happens when your tongue puts pressure “here” as you pull your mouth back along that shaft.

Cock Sucking Goals Quantity

If you have already mastered the art of cock worship, then sure quantity may be your goal this year. How many cocks did you suck last year? Or how many times did you suck that particular special cock.? I think a realistic goal would be to increase that by 25%! So if you sucked 100 cocks last year, 125 is in order for this year!

What’s that? You are horrified? *laughing* You want MORE? Oh I should have known. You slut, for YOU -double it!

Cock Sucking Methods

But one goal for every good cock sucker should be to learn different ways to please and worship that cock. Different positions, different ways to hold those lips, applying a light suction as you pull back. Doing the twister, the fist-er let’s see how many new ways to worship and suck that cock you can learn to do this coming year.

If you are unsure what your goals should be, or learning how to perfect the art of cock sucking is on your list for 2018, email me and schedule your appointment today.

Or hop over to my blog, Intelligent Phone Fantasy and see if I’m available. If I am, ring a ling ling hungry cock slut your lesson begins at Hello, this is Erika!

Cock Sucking Mistress Erika
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You Want Cock

Suck Cock to the Finish

So, it turns out some years ago you developed more “exotic tastes”…specifically, you’ve developed a strong urge and desire to suck cock to ejaculation and enjoy swallowing cum.

All this thanks to a very close neighbor, friend, and boss. Never mind how you were introduced, as that’s unimportant. What is important, however, is that “it” happened and now “it” regularly consumes your waking thoughts.

Looking at straight porn doesn’t really help. You enjoyed seeing pussies and tits…at least for some time But, strangely, you’re now attracted to guys with chiseled bodies and a thick vein-covered cock that is long with a big head and foreskin.

These feelings you have are secret and are safe with me. No one knows, not even the girlfriend who finds herself sexually frustrated in your presence. Every time you see cock you become immediately aroused.

Cock Attraction

Your attraction to cocks is strong, real and in hindsight not so unexpected in a guy like yourself. Those big hairy, low-hanging balls are like tasty fruit to you…just waiting to be harvested by your greedy little mouth.

Sucking cock is what you crave and has become your secret passion. You yawn at pussy and yearn for penises. As the submissive sissy in our special relationship, you get on your knees and tell me how much you want cock in your hands and in your hungry mouth.

You see…I know your secret and it’s safe with me…just do as your told and keep gobbling on those cocks and savor the explosive manhood darting in and out of your mouth all day.


Kinky SItes for FemDom Phone Sex

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Stop Denying Yourself Cock Pleasure

So, I think it’s well past time for us to put our cards on the table and have this frank talk you have been avoiding for too long. I get it…I am not a prude, I’m not a Puritan, nor was I born yesterday…you are fascinated by cock and like sucking on them and, that is fine by me.

I think the better question is, of course, is it fine by you?

It started with you denying you like cock, but that slowly gave way to an active and healthy bi-curiosity to now…an insatiable desire to put one in your mouth. It is beautiful to watch a cock get stimulated and start to grow, become erect and then to stiffen up like a veiny steel pipe.

You love the velvety feel of the sensitive head between your greedy lips and like sliding your moist tongue up and down the shaft with your eyes closed making groaning noises. I know you’ve been complimented by many guys and are respected as a man who always finishes what he starts.

Therefore, I am proud of you for taking responsibility for your feelings. Just remember…play safe and have lots of fun!

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Cum Facials and the Submissive Cock Sucker

Take cum facials for Miss Rachel! 1-800-356-6169So, you admit that you’re a cock sucker, and the submissive variety to boot. You love to suck cock, and no one has to coerce you to do it; you seek it out all on your own. You’re addicted to the tactile satisfaction of iron-hard man meat rubbing back and forth across your tongue. When he flexes and throbs in response to your slippery fleshlight moves, your own cock responds eagerly. You repeat whatever move occasions his moans several times before switching to some new technique to drive him wild. It’s all building to that moment when the creamy fruits of your labor shoot out of the head.

But where will it shoot?

Sure, swallowing seems the most logical thing to do at that point. For some of you who aren’t just cocksuckers, but cum sluts, you wouldn’t have it any other way. But I think every submissive cock sucker should experience a cum facial at least once in their cock sucking lives.

Cum Facials are Like a Christening with His Load!

Take cum facials for Miss Rachel! 1-800-356-6169Always defer to what your top seems to prefer, of course. But particularly for the new cock sucker, taking a big gooey facial can have an almost spiritual component. It’s almost as if you’re being baptized into the tribe of the bottom boy.

The first time you give your ass to a top (if that’s your thing), you’re getting your cherry popped for sure; that in and of itself is a right of passage for the submissive bottom.

But there’s something so personal about the face. It’s how someone recognizes you. It’s your calling card for the world at large, the most salient piece of your identity. Allowing a man, beseeching him, to cum all over your face is like a rededication of who you really are.

Cum Facials: A Primal Recognition of the D/s Dynamic.

Take cum facials for Miss Rachel! 1-800-356-6169Whether you’re new to cock sucking or a seasoned sucker, I believe there’s some part of your lizard brain that will respond powerfully to having a man paint your face from forehead to chin with his nut. Kink (and sexuality in general) offers U/s plenty of opportunities to remember that no less than the beasts of field or forest, W/e are animals. W/e respond whether consciously or unconsciously to all kinds of cues and gestures denoting identity and position.

I see cum facials as a form of marking. He is the Alpha, so he marks you with his seed, full of chemically unique pheromones, denoting position and possession. You are the beta, covered in the evidence of his primal dominance. I can’t help but think that the arousal you feel in being the one on his knees will be deepened.

Don’t worry, if you feel like something would be missing if you didn’t get to at least taste his cum, open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue when you tilt your head back. You’re liable to catch at least a pump or two. Furthermore, it’s an especially submissive treat to have your top use his cock, still pulsing from the pleasure you gave him, to scrape every last bit of his carnal benediction into your mouth. Who knows, maybe while you suck it clean, he’ll become interested in round two, and you can both wear your cum and eat it, too!

If you’d like to listen to Me read this post, please click below!

P.S., Unless you trust your top’s aim, or pain play is part of your submissive kink, keep your eyes closed! That stuff burns, no matter how good it tastes or feels! *giggle*


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Mistress Piper Teaches a Bi-Curious Husband to Suck Cock

A bi-curious husband is coerced to suck cock by Ms. Piper.

Your personal cock sucking coach

Ever since that close call with your college roommate, when the two of you were drunkenly wrestling on the floor and his dick ended up in your face, you’ve wondered what it would be like to be held down and coerced to suck cock.

But you did what all good boys do. You married the sexy, flirty, college coed, and now you’re safely hiding behind your white picket fence. Too bad your curiosity about cock knows how to burrow right under the safety of your suburban dream and pounce on you when you least expect it!

Which is why you’re breathing heavy, asking me whether I can teach you how to be a good little cock sucker for Mistress.

Of course, I know exactly how to turn a mild-mannered, domesticated man like you into a needy, hungry, cock whore on his knees!

But first, you must promise that you’ll do as you’re told. There’s nothing worse than a would-be cock sucker too chicken to follow directions. Assure me you’ll be my good boy.

Secondly, we need to find you a nice meaty dick to suck! Believe it or not, this step is much easier than the first step. There is no shortage of men out there, trolling for a little bitch like you to face fuck until they cum. Trust me, in this respect, it really is raining men if you know where to look!

Don’t you think it’s time for you to stop masturbating in the shower while you think about what could have been all those years ago?

Let’s finally get a hot stud straddling your face and feeding you his thick boner while his engorged balls rest on your chin. Call me NOW, and let’s make that dream a reality!


Kinky SItes for FemDom Phone Sex

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Does Cock Sucking Always Lead to Cock Fucking?

Yes, it’s meant to enslave you. 800-601-7259

I personally think that, once you’ve gotten a dick shoved in your mouth, it’s only a matter of time before you go bottoms up for your man. Cock suckers eventually become cock fuckers!

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Squirting Dildo and Cum Lube Cock Sucking with Mistress Piper

Your personal cock sucking coach800-356-6169

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