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Sexy Audios For Sale

Sexy Audios For Sale

Did you cock sucking `sluts know that we have revamped our retail  store, and there are a bunch of new sexy audios? Go have a look and see what makes your dicks twitch. Buy them once and listen to them forever.

Audios Produced With YOU in Mind

Sure you are reading about out audio store here on the Daily Cock Sucker, but there are recordings that touch on about every naughty, nasty and kinky subject under the sun.

Humiliation, cock control, sissy girls, ruined orgasms, cuckolds, and even multi part bundles – are  just some of our offerings.

Odds & Ends

I mentioned on other posts about why y’all haven’t seen much of me the past few months. I was unaware that there were unanswered comments here, that the guest authors are unable to reply to.

I will fix that today, and thank you for your continued interest in The Daily Cock Sucker.

When was the last time you sucked a Big Fat Cock?


How to Eat Cum for Ms. Harper

A lot of cock suckers want to be cum eaters, but just can’t quite make the leap to full on jizz drinking.

cum eating instructions 800 356 6169There’s a trick to learning to eat cum well, and behavioral modification can help you go from dreaming about being a cum eater to actually lapping up jizz with enthusiasm. There are a few steps that you’ll need to follow, and not deviate from, because these steps are designed to be efficient and are very goal oriented. To start, you’ll need some supplies: a realistic dildo, a bowl with tight-fitting cover, and a slightly larger bowl, as well as towels to clean any spilled messes.

Step one to eating cum: save one load of cum.

You start by masturbating as normal, only when you orgasm, you’re going to aim for the bowl with the lid, so you can save that load for future training sessions. It is helpful if you also suck on your dildo while you masturbate. From this point on, you’ll be saving your cum until you eat it, so a bowl with a volume around 1 cup or so is useful. Every time you touch yourself, get horny, masturbate, or watch porn, you’re going to do so with that dildo in your mouth, and if you orgasm, you’ll save it in your bowl.

Step two to learning to eat cum: jizz flavored dildo!

Store your cum in the fridge so it doesn’t spoil. To warm it, use your larger bowl, filled with warm water. Float the bowl of jizz in the warm water until it’s also warmed. When you masturbate, dip your dildo into the cum and lick it off. Get used to the taste of a cock with cum on it by repeatedly dipping the dildo into the cum and eating it off. Congrats, you’ve tasted your own cum!

Step three: eat a load of cum.

At this point, you’ve learned to associate having a dildo or cock in your mouth with sexual pleasure, as well as to associate the taste of cum with pleasure. From here, it’s very easy. When you feel yourself getting close to orgasm, lower your dildo to your cock, cum on the dildo, and then immediately lick it off. You’ve now eaten a hot fresh load of cum. You’re a cum eater!

If you’d like one on one instructions in becoming a cum eater, I’m always happy to help out!

Listen to some instructions from Ms. Harper.


Why Is It Called a Blow Job? When You Suck the Dick

Why is sucking cock called a blow job?

The Blow Job… Would You Rather Give One or get one?

Have you ever wondered how they came up with the name – Blow Job – for oral sex, when it’s all about sucking that big fat chubby? Weirdly, that question popped in my mind when I woke up this morning. Instead of starting right in with the research, I thought I’d take a few guesses first.

Why Blow Job? Is it Because You – Blow a Load?

To tell you the truth, that’s the most logical answer to me. Cock suckers strive hard for the prize, going as far as debasing themselves, just to feel that thick, hot jizz wash down their throats.

What about those money shots! The velocity, volume and trajectory – it’s the science of a full orgasmic release. I’ve seen men blow like a Vegas fountain – spurting and sputtering in what seems like a never-ending stream. Amazing what a mess a scant tablespoon of penis pudding makes.

You Just Put Your Two Lips Together and Blow!

The only other reason I can come up with – happens to be what I enjoy doing, when I feel frisky and want to tease and torment a thick tool. No need to even touch that twitcher – I just fling my long hair over my head, and blow ever so gently.

Oh? You say you’ve never felt that? First a puff of moist breath, followed by light strands of hair being captured all across the wet throbbing head. Waiting just a moment – then pulling back sharply, I’m told it is a very 😉 heady experience.

Those are my educated guesses. Can you think of any to add?

Next Post
What the research says

Till then …

Keep on suckin’ – sluts!

Listen to Mistress Vivian – suckers!

Get a cock down your throat for Ms Simone

Sucking cock on a daily basis is good for your health.

Suck the cock!

Suck the cock!

Studies have been performed showing that the sucking of cock or thinking of sucking cock must be done every day. If done on a daily basis, one is guaranteed to amass great wealth and abundance. It’s pretty simple magic actually. Semen is the elixir of life, and therefore a magical substance.

Want to lose weight, gain money and be happy?

Then, you need to suck a cock every single day. Of course, not everyone is gifted enough to be able to get it straight from the source every day. This is why it’s absolutely essential that cum is collected and eaten in the morning. If you want to have the success that can only be called the “American Dream”, one must eat either one’s own or another man’s cum.

It’s no longer about being gay or straight.

You can be completely straight and suck a cock if you are doing it for health benefits. Who does not want the gift of immortality? The question is whether or not you are willing to take the plunge and go after it. Are you in the winners circle or the losers circle? It’s all up to you, if you have the balls as a straight man to suck a cock.

You could be the next super hero from just sucking cock!

If you are great right now, imagine how much better you could be if you were eating another man’s cum every day. Studies have found that men that had a boring job, soared almost overnight to a higher paying, more rewarding career when they started drinking the elixir of life.

The greatest part is there is no cost to you to drink your own cum!

You can gain all the wealth imaginable and all you need to do is get some semen. Of course, actually sucking a sock gets your results faster. It’s always better to get it directly from the head of the cock. When it touches skin, the cum is less potent then when it goes directly from the head down your throat.

So what are you waiting for?

Go out there and get some cocks in your mouth every single day.

You’ll be glad you did!

This is a true fact according to 0 out of 10 doctors here on earth.

However, in Simone’s Universe, it is true 10 out of 10 times and everything written on the internet, we all know, is always 100% true!

Get a cock down your throat today!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Stroking side by side leads you to some carried away cock sucking.

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Stroking Side by Side

Stroking Side by Side might lead you into temptation.LillyHeadshot

Sometimes cock sucking doesn’t start off with a plan, sometimes it is possible you just get carried away in the heat of the moment.

It’s not terribly uncommon for men to find themselves stroking side by side.

They start by hanging out and having a few drinks. For many, alcohol not only lowers inhibitions but it also increases libido. So when one has the bright idea to turn on some porn, few inebriated men are able to say no. So there they find themselves, in a dark room, inhibitions lowered, turned on and watching a beautiful lady doing all sorts of naughty things on the screen. Of course those dicks are going to come out for some side by side stroking action.

But, as a pet of mine found out recently, side by side stroking sometimes leads to more.

As the images flash on the screen, and those fingers slide up and down along that shaft, feeling every bulging vein, and slipping over that sensitive head, some guys just crave more stimulation. They get closer and closer to the brink and find themselves caught up in the moment, wanting an orgasm brought about by something other then their own hand.

And there you are.

Another warm body, with a warm wet fuck hole in your face. There in the same room, feeling just as horny, and just as uninhibited.

So what else is there for you to do when you feel his strong hand on the back of your head, pushing you down toward his dripping and drooling cock?

Other than opening up wide and sucking it, that is.

You really can’t resist.

It feels so good, and tastes even better. Suddenly, something you never really thought that seriously about becomes the very thing that you can’t do without. Before you know it, you’ve become a cocksucker, and the thought of going without a dick between your lips seems impossible.


Stroking side by side leads you to some carried away cock sucking.

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