Cocksuckers Wanted: Apply Within

Cocksucking Phone SexYou’ve seen the signs a million times. You know, those help wanted signs posted in windows across town. These days their appearance is more infrequent, but they are definitely there. Did you know that there is a sign deep inside you? There may actually be several little signs and they all point to one thing: You’re a dirty cocksucking whore!

Go on, admit it. That is why you’re here after all. You’ve thought about it one too many times perhaps at work. I’m just wondering who the lucky star of your fantasies has been. Is it that cute guy who works in the mailroom? Nobody has to know. It can be our little secret. Or maybe it’s the guy who makes the deliveries from the deli up the street.

Are you willing to tell me that I’m not even close? Wow! So it must be your boss then. That’s it! The entire time you’ve been kissing his ass, when in reality, it’s his cock you want between those lips of yours. That’s the real reason you have trouble paying attention at those company meetings. You’re too busy envisioning yourself on your knees beneath his desk with all that slobber running down your chin.

I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just your way of gunning for a promotion. Just think about it. The higher you climb up the corporate ladder, the closer you get to be to his office. Next thing you know, he’ll be inviting you along on golf outings with his buddies. Then you’ll get to be the pass-around dick-licker. You’ll be washin’ balls and fluffin’ putters while you stroke your cock with the best of ’em.

Better brush off that resume and those knee pads. Only the best will get selected for this new position. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to take advantage of several advancement opportunities so you won’t have to worry about being curious about eating cum any more.

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20 comments to Cocksuckers Wanted: Apply Within

  • wow you are so right Empress Alexis ,,,i and a cock whore and you are so right , i do rememberthe frist time i want to suck one of my men , god he was so hot and black , my cock would gey so hard when he can into my office , god i want him so bad i would cum in my panity, yes i were girl panity to work i love it , , so i find ass him to come to my office , you see i was the boss, and i want hin so bad , i told my wife i want hin and i going to make hin are supt. and give him a big raise , if that was ok with her you see she was my boss , she to me to be carefore he one of are best men , so i ask him , and as we talk about his new job , i got so hot . and he look at me and ask me if i was all right , i said no , i and not , he ask me is there anay think he can do , and i just said yesssssssssssss, and he said what i could not help my self , i said i want to get on my knees and i want to suck your big black beautiful cock he just look at me , and he said what i want so bad , he said get on your knees , and i did and that when i new i was a whorei slid his beautiful black cock in my mouth and i suck it until he cum in my mouth it was wow and i suck his cock every day for thirty years , we god married love i no it was not leager but who care , and he would bri g black cock for me to suck and they would all fuck men so Mistress Alexis you are right pn and i love it , and i love that you are my mistree love your hot slave whore and proud of it

    • Alexis

      Sometimes it’s not so easy earning that raise, is it Rickie? I bet you’d work your ass off to earn it though, AND your mouth!

      • Rafael Melo

        Hello Alexis.
        I am a 34 years old male living in Miami. I would like to know if you know a place? That I could score a nice and hard cock to suck. I like swallowing as well and also taste my pre-cum as well. I am bi and also bottom is being a while. Since I have a huge cock deep inside of me. My last time was when I was 22 years old, he was 42 and I love. I loved when he slided deep inside of me. Besides swallowing cum I like feeling my tight cunt being filled as well.
        Hope to hear from you soon if you know where I can find places to suck cock?


  • yes i did i suck off all the boss and i love it , i did not care , iwant the job so i did what i do best , and is suck men cock and get fuck , i had four boss and i toke care every one of then , how do you thimk i got my comp love by sucking the right bossand get all that cock in my ass and you are right they did take me golf with then and they all fuck me and i suck off all though golf friend in the club house , and i did love all the balls i coud lick and i did suck all that hot ass to i did what it took to get what i want , your hot whore Rickie

  • steve

    Pimpstress Alexis,

    Why yes, i would like to apply for the job of cockwhore! Please let me know when You are hiring!

    Another great posting.

    Thank You!!!!

    • Alexis

      You can apply for the job. I just want you to understand though, that I am an equal opportunity offender. So you are just as likely as the next candidate to have his head held by my hands while he is encouraged to take as much cock in the mouth as possible.

  • yes < Mistress Alexis ,,, you are so right , i did suck all of my boss off to get what i want . and i and proud of it . , yes i kiss all of then my mouth was lick then all the time yes i was a big ass kiss and i will still lick and kiss ass if i have to and i will get on my knees and take care of then , that is my job and the pay is great, , i have five boss and i take care of all of then , i and through gay whore and they do what they want to me , and i love it , and they take me on all the buss trip , so i can take care of then , your gay whore and i do love it Rickie

  • yes yes yes you are so right i and a dirty cocksuckwhore, and i love it , i justn love a big cock in my mouth , and i and good at it because i love to suck men cock and i love to swallow all that hot cummmmmmmmmmm that what i do best love , i and your gay gt girl and i love to suck men off
    your gay whore and i love you misterss you keep me straight , and you no me like a book love Rickie

  • Mistress Alexis. will you tell me if i and a whore are what . . i do love to suck men big hard juice cock . and i do love when they shoot all that hot juice thick hot cum in my mouth. . Misteress Alexis , i go out every night . to pick up men to suck are get fuck . i try not to . but i can help my self , i just got to suck a hard dick , i don,t no the men i suck i don,t ask then thought names , all i want is a hard cock in my mouth . like tonight i went to the truck stop , and went in to the men roon . and i was on my knees all the tine i was in there , i suck about ten men and swallow all that hot juice cum . then one took me to his truck and fuck me ‘ by the tine i got done i did about twenty two men and i love it / so what i want to no is do i have a problem. because i do love to suck men hard cock and i love went they cum in my hot mouth , and i do love to swallow all that hot gooey sticky cum , so do i need help , your slave Rickie

  • kyoralguy4u

    I would like to apply for the job of cocksucker I am have been sucking many married mens cocks in my area of central ky but I want more cocks to enjoy I would like to meet fore 3 some 4 some or more and suck evryone that comes to me I have been thinking when he weathere gets warmer of goign to a dogging park and have many men come by and use my mouth in a gang bang I would like to suck 20 men in a dogging park so if I do that then I can apply a a cock whore I would b very greatly to you to send many men my way so I can be a real cock whore Please help me full fill my wish

    • Alexis

      Well kyoralguy4u, what happens when you go on ANY job interview? Typically the interviewer will look over your application and your resume if you have one with the goal of evaluating your E-X-P-E-R-I-E-N-C-E. So you are definitely on the right track. I’m sure however you acquire said cocksucking experience will serve in making me proud.

  • hi Alexis , i do love to here from you . , i was think back when i was at work and how i love to suck my sup off as we were going to job site , my sup was a big black man and had a cock you just love to suck . all 10.5 inch and thick about 5.5 inch around . you see i own the comp , and i made hin my sup, so that i could get to him , the best part was my wife , she love to watch me suck his big black cock as she fuck her boy friend , and i had him live with us . so i could have him all the time , and my wife love to have him to . so we did a three some all the time , and we love it me and frank was to gaver for thrity years until he pass a way i did love that man and i love my wife to because she let me be my self . and that was be in gay that i and so proud of . you see i love that i and a gay tg are what ever , love your gay tg Rickie

  • JenniferRbg

    I am not a cocksucking whore. Whores make money. And I always do it free. It would be so wrong to charge a man. The pleasure of sucking cock and the ultimate reward of him cumming in my mouth is all I need. Though I proudly admit that I am a dirty cocksucker. But after I suck the nice man’s cock it isn’t dirty anymore. So guess I am just a cocksucker.

  • kyoralguy4u

    I am an older white male cocksucking male whore I cna never find enough occks a week to suck i ahv emany older men around my age who I suck everal times every week , i really would love to find some younrger guys dick to suck I like to be fully face fucked too I love longer cocks that jsut slide deep in me so enjoyable too
    I am a cock whore and o love being that for men to enjoy my mouth is always open for cocks anytime any where feed me your cum I will submit to you oral needs

  • Alexis , i got pick up last night by this hot, hot man , and what he did to me was wow, he was out look for gay to suck his cock , and he got me , i suck him off as we were goin to the notel , and then when we got i side it was wow i swallow so much hot juice cum and he fill my ass to , i suck his cock all night and he fuck me all night to in my ass then he would slid it in to my mout and fuck my mouth just like he fuck my ass , i rin hin and put my tonger deep into his ass , and he cum all oven the place . your hoy Bitch Rickie

  • will jennifer , i and a whore , i do get pay , and i love to suck men cock , but i love the nomey to love ‘ i will not suck cock free, i love it when they pay and they can tell me what to do , .you see when they pay . you are and you will do what they want
    that what it all about , they are you boss and you are a slave to then , and they do what they want , and i love it Rickie is a slur whore that get pay and love it

  • mark urp

    Ms Alexis Dont know where to start I would be a happy man if I could have a cock in my mouth 24 hours a day Big cocks, small cocks, black, white would love to have a line lined up around the corner of my house of men cumming and going getting their cocks sucked by me I am a total slut for sucking cocks

    • Alexis

      Hey mark,

      What I love about your comment is the fact that when it comes to cocksucking, you don’t discriminate. I’m sure those powerful erections are so thankful to have a willing mouth like you around.

  • charlie

    i am an older man that loves to suck cock been away from it for a while when i was married now that i am divorce i want to get back in sucking cock I love sucking married men cocks

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