Cum for Me…and Then Eat It!

Hello All!

As the newly appointed overseer of The Daily Cocksucker, I look forward to making sure the readers of this blog are treated to fresh, tasty content regularly. It truly goes without saying that if you are a major fan of all things related to cock-in-mouth activities, this is certainly the place you want to be. Also, if you are into the subject of coached cum eating, then you may want to pull up a chair and set a spell. You may also want to bring a raincoat because it’s about to get messy.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I like men who suck cock! Why? Because dirty cocksuckers are honest about who they are. They don’t feel the need to hide behind some self-induced veil of machismo. In my work, I find the cum eating males to be the most agreeable. They are only too happy to drop to their knees on command and open their waiting mouths to the high-pressure surprise of a hot cum jetstream.

Is eating your own cum kinky or crazy? It really depends on how you look at it, but in the end all that matters is that you enjoy it and if you really and truly enjoy doing it to please me then all the better. There’s just something about seeing a guy let go of his inhibitions that is a major turn on. Watching him masturbate for me is also something that makes my blood boil in all the right ways, especially when we both know where that load is going to end up.

That’s right. It’s going in your mouth and once you finally prove to your devotion for me by cleaning your cum plate, then and only then can we discuss the possibility of you moving on to other cocks. Open wide. It’s time to please your mistress.


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12 comments to Cum for Me…and Then Eat It!

  • hi Alexis first i love to read your hot beautiful letter , u are the better , i and your hot cock sucker slave . i love to suck men hard cock i got to have a hard cock in my hot fucking mouth ever day i got to have hot juice cummmmmmm in my mouth . that i love . just to get on my knees is a honor yo have your hot cock in fron of my mouth . so that i can take care of your hot beautiful hard cock and swallow your hot cum. and wend you slid yout hot cock in my hot mouth . so i can take care of that beautiful hard cock , ooooooooooooooooh yes i do eat my own cummmmmmmmm and ian not crazy i just love the tast of my cum it tast so good i masturbate ever day so i can have my fill of my hot juice cum that tast so good. if my cock was bigger . i would suck my own cock god i wish i could i and a true cock sucker a i do lov it and i love to fell that hot liquid going into my hot mouth i and like a puppy dog win i see a hard cock i get so horny foe it . i will drop to my knees and begs for your hot cock and i do thank you for your letter your hot gay cock sucker and i do love it Rickie White

  • hi out there this is Rickie and i love to suck hard cock and if they are not hard i will suck you hard ok . i just love a hard dick in my mouth , i love to get on my knees and suck all you hot men out there . so that that you can get your hot load off in my mouth ( god i do love the tast of cum ) and all you black men i do love to suck big black cock , and i do love your hot juice cum so come on and slid that big black cock in myhot white mouth so i canget all your hot love juice out of you .. so to night i and going to the truck stop . and i hope i get to suck a lot of hot truck drive off so i got to get read for tonight love your hot slut gurl girl Rickie

  • ooooooooooh yes Mistress Alexis , i and your slave i just love what you do for all of cum sucker , you treat us so good . i will do what ever it take to make you happy my mistress iand you slave and i will do what every you want i just love to swallow hot juice cum , your got me eating my cum every day now , and i love it i lay in bed and jack off and cum in my cum cup so i can have my hot stick juice cum to eat and i love then i go out and suck cock all night at the truck stop on your knees that what i love to here from all the hot men that got a hard diuck and went they slid that big hot cock in my mouth , god i love it so because i no what going to come out of that hot head , cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss and i love it your hot slave Rickie White

  • Carla Bridger

    After i was turned into a young cock loving cum slut When I needed to release the pressure.

    I started eating my own Cum Now I do think I am addicted

    I can`t help myself


  • Hi Mistress Alexis god is good to here from you. i and your cock sucking slave . the four word i love to here is ( GET oN your knees ) Mistress Alexis , eating hot juice cum is not kinky or crazy, if you love to suck men cock that is what it all about , ou get down on your knees to get that hot juice sticky gooey cum that we all love so much , i just love to fell that hot juice cum going into my mouth , that why i love that i and so gay goddddddd ido love it Misterss. i can eat cum all day and night went that hot liquid go into my hot mouth i just cum sll over my self and then i eat my own cum when i got a hand full and i do lick my hand clean and i do thank gor that he or she made me gay i love that i and a gay tg your hot cum sucking slave Rickie

  • kyoralguy4u

    I am a male cocksucker from USA kentucky I love swallowing cum and hope to find more men to feed me it as I know cum is good vitamins for my body I have 2 guy now that feed me cum daily I think if I could find like 4 to 5 men to feed me my body would feel like I was walking on air.
    I love being a cocksucker and cum eater it just I need more of it daily hope to meet more men in my area to feed me often in central parts if Kentucky USA

    • Alexis

      Hey there!

      Thanks for stopping to read this post. It is so true that cum can be a good nutritional source! You can even read about it in my recent posting called Cum Eaters Delight in honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. You keep readin’ and I’ll keep feeding you all those hot, sticky words you love to see!

  • oooooooooooh Mistress Alexis i just love to please you mistress , i suck off five men last night and i swallow all that hot juice cum that i love so much as i write this to you Mistress i have my cum plate full of hot juice cum . and it is full , i got this out of my hot ass that all the hot men put in me last night . i have so muck cum in me i got a but plug in me so i can get all that hot cum home for me to eat Mistress i don,t see how a gay man can not love cum , that what it all about , and that why i love that i and gay , i just love to fell that hot juice cum going in to my hot gay mouth , if you are a straight man you should try YOUR CUM IT IS GREAT . and i will tell you this you are what you eat so eat healthy food and you cum will tast so good you will put it on you food . i love to cum on my stask instead of AI god it tast so good on a bake potato . so i got to eat all that cun now love , your hot gay cam eater and love it , i have been eat cum at the age of 12 and i do love it thanlk you aganit mistress i and your hot cum eat slave Rickie white

    • Alexis

      Slave Rickie,

      I just love reading about all your naughty cum eating adventures! You certainly sound like you have plenty of experience under your belt and we are so lucky to have you here as part of the LDW universe. Keep suckin, baby!

  • no no no Mistress Alexis , it i and glads to have you as my Mistress , i wish i had you in my early day when i was 18 . just to tell you about mt selfg , you no it was hard to be querr in the 50 they call ud all kind of name , will now we are gay ha ha ha . it wouldhad been a lot nice if we had pople like you so we could tell you what we fell and i do love all you girl onSUCK PATROL . COM I AND GOING OUT TONIGHT

  • no no no Mistress Alexis , it i and glads to have you as my Mistress , i wish i had you in my early day when i was 18 . just to tell you about mt selfg , you no it was hard to be querr in the 50 they call ud all kind of name , will now we are gay ha ha ha . it wouldhad been a lot nice if we had pople like you so we could tell you what we fell and i do love all you girl onSUCK PATROL . COM I AND GOING OUT TONIGHT to suck truck drive off , i just love the truck stop . i hope i get a lot of cum, i love a good messy cum batch mistress alexis so wish me luck your hot slave Mistree Alexis

  • i love cum . so to njght i and going out with my wife , so she can watch me suck straight men cock and i do all the good think she like to see me do , and if i and good mistress alexis she will let me suck all that cum out of her wet hot pussy after she fuck all of her date she got five men to night and i get to suck then hard for her as she tAKE ON TWO OF THEN ONE IN HER HOT PUSSY AND ONE IN HER MOUTH . THEN I GET TO CLEAN THEN UP YOUR HOT SISSY BOYS AND I DO LOVE IT , I LOLVE TO HERE GET ON YOUR KNEES BITCH GOD I DO LOVE IT , THAT YOU MISTERSS YOU GAVE ME NEW LIFE , AND I AND ENJOY IT MORE . BECAUSE I GOT YOU AS MY MISTERSS THANK YOU THANK YOU YOUR HOT SLAVE rICKIE

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