Cocksucking Fantasies with Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975Today I find myself asking the question: what’s your cock sucking fantasy? In the real world, you may be limited on where and when you can suck a cock. You may even be restricted by concerns about staying safe at the glory hole or just the availability of good cocks to suck. But in your fantasies, you can go anywhere or do whatever you please. So I’m curious. If there were no limits, where would you suck cock? What kind of cock would you prefer?

Dick sucking in naughty places.

One of the hottest fantasies about sucking cock that I’ve heard is one that involves giving head in a nightclub. Just imagine the dark room with all that music blaring, and the idea of people nearby. Maybe you’re right there in the middle of the dance floor with people watching. There might be the worry of security showing up looming in the back of your mind, but it’s your “dreamtrip”, so they never actually show up.

Sucking your best friend’s cock.

Some of my favorite dick suckingĀ fantasies involve best friends who just kind of discover the wonder of sucking a man’s penis just by goofing around together. It’s such a turn onĀ to think of all that sexual tension finally being released between them. And the best part? Since the world knows them as buddies, they have several opportunities to get down and dirty just about any time they want. It could be in a car on a vacation, or in one or the other’s garage. Or even getting kinky in the kitchen during a friendly gathering. So many possibilities!

What excites you the most about going downtown on another man? Is it the idea of sucking cock for the first time? Or maybe it’s the idea of going from shy and timid to full-fledged cock slut. Do you want him to be the top with you only sucking him off every time? Wearing panties to please him or nothing at all? This is a safe space, so do share your thoughts in the comments below. I’m sure there are many besides myself who are just aching to know.


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