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What is Coerced Cock Sucking?

Her favorite phrase or at least the one I hear most often is ďArenít you even a little bit curious about it?Ē This could be in reference to any number of things. It could be that she wants me to taste a new food or try on a cock ring. It could be that she has a strap on and thinks having me try to suck it, even though it is much bigger than the one Iím used to, would be fun. Sometimes we will just be talking about something and if I donít show an interest in it or donít seem as interested as she thinks I should be, well she will then get more interested. Pushing and asking questions to see if I will either admit to not liking it at all or to really wanting to try it, but not being comfortable with that. This was how our cock sucking discussion started out the other day and why I am now in the position Iím in. But weíll get to that part later, for nowÖ

My Mistress and I were sitting on the edge of the bed talking. She was watching while I cleaned and put away the strap on she had just had me suck for her. It wasnít a big deal really. I love doing things for her and anything I do with her gets me hot. She is beautiful and sexy and really knows how to get me excited. Those long legs and her dark brown curls that hang past her shoulders, always make my cock hard as a rock. Iím not sure if anyone can really understand that when I say I would do anything to please her, I mean anything.

Don't You Want to Try It?

The trick to pleasing her though, is in entertaining her. She isnít a Mistress who is pleased by sexual gratification. She is pleased and loves to get off, but not with me. With me, her pleasure is all wrapped up in talking and convincing me to try things, new things or, as she would say, ďFun new things.Ē They arenít always what I would instantly call fun, but she is entertained and thatís what I really want, for her to be entertained and want to keep me around and spend time with me. She loves that and uses it to her advantage at every opportunity. You see, she is not a harsh or demanding Mistress. That type of Mistress barks out orders and waits for them to be carried out.

My Mistress is far more likely to come up with an idea, as she did when the discussion of cock sucking began. She brought a strap on with her and showed it to me. Telling me that it looked so much like a real cock, not mine of course, that she couldnít believe it. She then proceeded to slip her lips around it and demonstrate for me just how lifelike it was, telling me that her boyfriends always say she has the best mouth. I was nodding my agreement when she slipped in the question about would I like to try it. I was already nodding, so I shrugged and said sure. I was pretty good at it too, I might add. She then got a larger and much more life-like one, saying only ďDonít you want to try it?Ē and pouting a little at the thought that I might not. Of course, I agreed and started sucking that cock.

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On My Knees

That brings me to now, the position Iím in that I said Iíd tell you about laterÖWell, itís later. I am on my knees waiting for her to bring in the man who will pull his cock out and stick it in my mouth. Yes, I am about to become a real life cock sucker. I want it, too. Somehow she always knows what I want. She never forces me to do anything, itís all about me and how much I want to, she just suggests and then, I guess you could say, coerces me into doing it.

Sucking a cock is something Iíve been very curious about for awhile now and when we started with the strap ons I knew Iíd end up here, waiting for a big thick cock to taste in my mouth. Iím hard and excited and yes, it was her idea originally I suppose, but that doesnít matter. Thatís the beauty of coerced cock sucking. Your Mistress just gives you the opportunity to realize that you really want to do it!