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Do you try to control this urge of yours? Do you try to hide it away and pretend that you aren't curious about sucking cock? Are you YEARNING to suck cock right now? I know something that you also know: The thrill of sucking cock does not go away. Oh, you might deny your urges or even try and replace them with something else. The Experienced Mistress knows your sex secrets.

Think about your own experience when you try to stuff something in a container that is too small to contain it. What happens? Exactly! It doesn't fit. It won't stay put. It simply won't be contained and it pops out. Are YOU about to pop? ~smiles~ I know! I understand.

Struggling with these urges is normal. Continuing to stuff your feelings won't work in the long run. So, what do you do?

Take a deep breath, hold it, feel your cares drop away and as you let that breath out imagine a man's crotch in front of you. Look at your hands, reaching up to unzip his pants. Do your hands tremble? Does your breath catch as you gaze at that hard lump in his pants?

You should know that YOU are causing his arousal as he watches you open his zipper and slide down his underwear. When his cock is free it bursts forth, right into your face, smacking your cheek and leaving a trail of glistening pre cum. That cock bounces slightly as if beckoning you closer.

Go closer. That's it. Listen to this suck patrol free erotic audio while you imagine your fingers touching his balls. Feel the swelling veins, wrap your hand around that lovely, hard cock. Only use one hand to do this. You'll need the other hand to dial the phone. It's okay to sound breathless when you ask for Olivia.

Did you know I do a podcast with Ms Erika? It's called The Weekly Hot Spot podcast and has something for everyone! Check it out! Here's the link on Spreaker: The Weekly Hotspot.



Suck Patrol Phone Sex (800) 601-6975



Take the Suck Patrol Plunge and Suck Some Cock!

by Ms. Constance of

You have been thinking about sucking cock for far too long. In fact, you think about it so much, it led you here to Suck Patrol. Now that you are here, it is time for you to finally just give in to those urges and fantasies you have had for so long.  And admit it… want to be a cock sucker!

You Think About Dick Sucking All Day.

You have been thinking about a big dick in your mouth for some time.  For example, you masturbate watching big cock porn and imagine what it would be like to have that hard cock in your mouth. But, you have always kept this a deep, dark secret.  Because you’re too afraid of what it might mean, if you actually admitted you would like to suck a hard cock.

Admit Your Cock Sucking Desires.

We here at suck patrol realize there are many men out there, just like you, who think about and fantasize about sucking cock. And that is exactly what we can help you with! Find one of the suck patrol Mistresses that attracts you,  one you feel feel drawn to, and give her a call. Don’t be shy about your desire to suck cock.  Every lady on this site is more than willing to help you enjoy your fantasy. And even give you some tips on how to suck cock!

Is Sucking Cock Just a Fantasy?

Perhaps you are a man who loves the idea of sucking cock. Yet, even so, you’re unlikely to take that next step, to actually have a throbbing dick in your mouth. You can relax, because you are not alone. Many times a fantasy is all consuming.  However, the thought of living out that fantasy is just too overwhelming and scary.  This is why our service is so perfect for you.  Our ladies can help you live out your fantasy.  Bring your cock sucking desires to life. Make you actually feel like the cock sucker you wish you could truly be. This is one way to have a hot fantasy, without the worry of bringing it into your everyday life.

Need Some Cock Sucking Coaching?

The ladies are also happy to help coach you on how to suck cock.  As I mentioned before, they are here to give you tips and tricks on how to suck a nice hard cock. At the same time, they can suggest what things to avoid in your pursuit of sucking cock. Remember, we are here to help, not to put you in any sort of danger. Many ladies have real time experience helping men suck cock, and coaching cock suckers through the ins and outs of making their dreams come true.

Are You Ready To Suck Some Cock?

Your next step is to find the perfect cock sucking coach for you. Read through the Mistress profiles here on suck patrol and listen to the Mistresses’ voice samples. There are many ladies, with a variety of styles, for you to choose from. Perhaps you just need a sensual Mistress to guide your fantasy.  Or maybe you need someone strict and demanding to make you suck dick for them. No matter what your needs, we have a lady to make your cock sucking dreams come to life. This next step is all on you, cock sucker, so stop thinking about it… stop wishing for it… and start sucking cock!