Are you a Cock Sucker? Then Donít Neglect the Balls!

If you want to be the best at sucking cock, or you have been doing it awhile and need some ideas to make your partner really enjoy his cock being sucked by you, then donít forget about his two little members that want to join in on the party too. Too many forget about the testicles, in fact, thereís little porn that shows the balls being pleasured too. Itís a fact that testicles are extremely sensitive and they love to be played with as well.

If you have a regular cock sucking buddy, or whatever your relationship may be - donít be embarrassed about asking him to shave his balls in order for you to better enjoy a hairless ball sucking experience. Having hair-free testicles can even add to your enjoyment for yourself if you receive oral pleasure as you will be able to feel more too.

You can play with his testicles in various ways, one being by taking them into your hands and lightly massaging them. You can do this as you are focusing your tongue and mouth on his cock, and take your hands and fingers and tickle his balls, massage them and cup them - feel the weight of them, and feel how full of cum they are!

Then, you can introduce your tongue and mouth to his balls as you lick down the shaft of his cock - cup your mouth around his balls - both, or even one side. Then you can start sucking gently as you take your hand and stroke the shaft.

As you can see, there are many ways to approach his balls and donít be afraid to use different toys and tools as well to touch his balls - such as feathers, or running ice on the shaft of his cock and balls for a different sensation. Donít be afraid to experiment!

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