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Ways to be a Better Cock Sucker

Perhaps you have tackled the whole coerced bi scenario—you have sucked cock, you have even swallowed that hot first load, and now you want to even be a better cock sucker. There are some tips taken from some hot, erotic ladies on how to do just that!

First of all, don't be shy to wear lip gloss, or if you are so bold—some lipstick. Having your lips be plump, nice and glossy whilst you are sucking cock feels good for him, and makes you feel even more sexy, and erotic.

You can also use other toys or even food to spice up the blow job. Using a vibrating egg on the head of his cock could provide a lot of stimulation whilst in between using your mouth, and can give your mouth a break too. Also, using whipped cream or honey that is drizzled over his cock will give cock sucking a yummy experience for you! Use your tongue to lap it up and watch him as he writhes in pleasure.

Also, there are different positions you can get into that can help you suck his cock even better! For instance, you can hang your head over the side of the bed and open your mouth. This also makes it easier for opening up your throat so you can receive his cock more easily.

If you have any questions or want a fantasy session, or guidance—the ladies at would love to turn you into their cock suckers. They are waiting for you, so be ready!


Coerced Bi to Please: In this Femdom Mistress' opinion, sucking cock doesn't make you gay—it makes you obedient!