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So Your Man Is Bi Curious - or Cock Curious...What Now?

My name is Ally, and for the past 14 years I have been providing erotic entertainment over the telephone. I have had the chance to speak with thousands of men over the phone during that time, and I have learned a lot about what makes men tick sexually.

One thing I have learned through my work is this: There are a LOT of men out there, men like your neighbor, your boss, your boyfriend or your husband, who have fantasies involving other men. Now this does not necessarily mean that they are gay. Many, many men, from time to time, have fantasies involving other men, or other cocks.

There is definitely a difference between "liking cock" and "liking other men". It took me a long time, and many intimate conversations with men of all types, to realize that there is a big distinction. Just because a man fantasizes about being intimate with another man, does not mean that he wants to date men, or fall in love with them. Quite frequently, the men who call us to discuss coerced bi or coerced-oral fantasies couldn't care less about the man to whom the cock is attached! Their fantasy is focused on the cock, and only the cock.

If your man is open enough with you to share his cock fantasies with you, you owe it to yourself (and your relationship) to lend an open ear, and open mind. Do not automatically freak out and assume you're going to lose him to a sea of gay men. He's with you, after all, isn't he? And he cares enough about your relationship to share this sensitive information with you. So be curious right back! Ask questions - does he fantasize about being "romantic" with other men? Or is it just a curiosity about their cocks? Does he actually want to live out his fantasy? Or is it just something that gets him hot to think about while he is masturbating, or perhaps even while he is with you.

There are ways to make this fantasy fun for both of you. Since you know that other cocks turn him on, why not watch porn with him, where you can both get excited watching other men? If porn's not your thing, you can get excited by watching your man get excited - who wouldn't want that? If you want to get really adventurous, why not indulge your man's fantasy with some strap on play? If you're not ready for that yet, take it slow and start out by bringing a dildo into the bed...put it between your legs and fantasize that you both have a cock...

One thing we need to accept as women - it is pretty much never going to be the case that we are going to be the ONLY person or thing in the world who turn our curious husbands or men on. It will turn out men on to look at other women on the street. It will turn our men on to look at other women in erotic movies, in magazines, in photos. And for some of us, it will turn our men on to look at other cocks, or fantasize about other cocks...and this is okay! If you're open with your man, ask questions, communicate, and share in his fantasies, you'll be more likely to be comfortable with the fact that yes, he is going to look at other women, but YOU are the one he is with now, right?

And if your man happens to get turned on by the same sex, or the same set of genitals - make sure to ask LOTS of questions about this. Because he is most likely NOT telling you that he is gay. He is most likely just sharing a fantasy with you. And if you are open to that fantasy, you can share it with him, rather than your man having to hide his fantasies from you. That doesn't benefit anyone.

Being open to your man's fantasies is one way to get him to share with you more freely. If you get upset, or tell him you don't want to hear about it, he is going to close up, and look elsewhere for fantasy fulfilment - even if that's only in his own mind, or in online porn, or whatever. There are many ways that a couple can enjoy each other's wildest fantasies - but only if they are both willing to commit to keeping the lines of communication open.

Ms Ally

Coerced Bi to Please: In this Femdom Mistress' opinion, sucking cock doesn't make you gay - it makes you obedient!