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Anal Plugs

Do you love to have your ass played with?

Have you considered perhaps purchasing some anal toys to experience what it might be like?

You might want to consider buying some anal plugs and calling one of our Mistresses to join in on the fun! So what are anal plugs, or butt plugs? Anal plugs are sex toys that are for, yep, you guessed it—your anus. They are flared at one end to prevent the device from being lost in there, and come to a point for comfort level. However, the feel very good and to a submissive, they are a constant reminder of your Mistress who may have ordered you to wear one. There are different sizes of anal plugs, and different types. You might want to start out small, but as far as shape and type— that is totally up to you and how much of an "ass whore" you want to be! There are anal plugs shaped like cocks—for more of you cock-obsessed sluts, and there are anal plugs that vibrate—if you like to shake your hips and feel it rub against your prostate. (We knew you'd like that one). These anal plugs are made in different materials too—such as wood, glass, silicone, metal and stone, but we recommend silicone because they are easily disinfected in boiling water. Also, if you love to role play and have fantasies of being a pony or a dog, there are anal plugs with tails that your Mistress will be sure to love as you are at her feet worshipping her.

So, go ahead, try an anal plug and be sure to tell your Mistress about it over at and tell us ALL about your anal fantasies!