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How to Achieve the Best Cock Sucking Lips

We know that not every cock sucker cares about how sexy and alluring their lips are, but we also know that if you are reading this, you probably do! Thatís great, because we believe itís important for you to know all the aspects of cock sucking, including how to have the most tempting mouth around. If you are going to suck a cockóa very nice, big, thick, juicy cock then you need all the tools to make it really good. Maybe it's your first time and youíre bi curious and excited to begin or maybe this is your millionth time having a dick in your mouth. Either way sucking cock is something you love to do or thinking about doing, you imagine it, plan for it and prepare to do it. So, since you are thinking about it anyway, why not get your lips cock-sucking ready?

Start With Some Color

Now that youíve decided to give it a try, you want those lips to look their very best. This means a sugar scrub of some kind and at least three days of Vaseline to get them soft and moist. No one wants their cock sucked with dry cracked lips. So you have to get yours in tip top shape before moving on to decorating them. Once you have though, youíll be so glad you did. Your lips will end up looking lush and ripe and yummy.

Remember lipstick was originally invented so men would be turned on by female lips and think of them sucking their cocks. This means you want a great color. I am personally a huge advocate of red lips. Cock sucker Red is the best color for you in my opinion, you know what I mean. The bright clean red, that looks wet when you slick it on. But maybe you love Candy Pink or Nude or even a Naughty Tan, whichever you pick, go for it! Get one that does NOT have a matte base. You want your lips to look wet and juicy. Thatís why a lipstick with a glossy coat will work perfectly for you! If you canít find your favorite color in a sexy gloss, donít worry! You can always get some clear lip gloss or even one with a little color in it, to put on over the lipstick. Gloss will make your lips look extra delicious and shiny. Flavored lip gloss if a must if you want the guy's cock you are sucking to taste like cherries, or any other flavor you choose!

Plump Up the Volume

Now, you have them bright and glossy and tasty looking, but to really get that sexy cock sucking look, you need to plump them up. Thin lips arenít hot and sexy at all. Donít worry though, this is easy to fix. All you have to do is get yourself a lip plumper to try. There are many products on the market to give your lips that naughty bee-stung look men love to imagine on their cock. Plump lips are the way to go, shiny and full, so they look juicy and scrumptious and make every man in the vicinity imagine you wrapping them around their cock.

If you are really looking to femme up your lips, you can always line them as well. This adds to the plump look and when you cover everything with gloss at the end and blend blend blend, no one will ever know. When you line your lips with a lip liner it really finishes off the look and can make them look full and sensual. You line, then fill your lips in with that sexy lipstick that matches the lip liner. After that you add a lip plumper and the sexy slick gloss. Can you just imagine how tempting all this will make your lips? Those guys will be so excited at the thought of you sucking their cocks they wonít be able to stand it. Think about being able to suck one cock after the other with those full shiny lips. You know it will be amazing.

So when you are getting ready to start sucking that cock with those full, yummy lips of yours, you can thank for giving you the advice you need to make your cock sucking experience the best ever. Our Mistresses are always available to give you more tips and advice. Just contact the ladies of, we are here to make you the best cock suckers ever!