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2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+

Your Cock Sucking Training Begins Now

by Ms. Christine of

It Starts With Your Cock Sucking Fantasies

I bet you have some strong fantasies that you want to turn into reality, don't you? It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Many men do. What you should be ashamed of is your total lack of skill in pleasuring a cock! Seriously, you have one! You should know what makes it feel good. And I am sure, no matter how small, how pathetic that pindick is, somewhere along the way, you’ve convinced some woman, somewhere, to suck yours! So with all that information, with all that time to, as they say, “practice with the equipment,” why are you so bad at giving a blow job?

You Need A Mistress To Guide You

You have come to the right place you wannabe cocksucker. I will train you on how to smoke a pole. And you will become an excellent knob gobbler. You see, if I’m going to send you out into the world to suck cock I don’t want your lack of ability to come back on me. After a sub-par blowjob, some guy will ask you where you learned to suck cock and you will tell him from me – how embarrassing is that for me? I have a reputation to uphold!

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Cock Sucking Starts With Dildo Training

So, to begin with, you will learn to suck a dildo. I like to start my cocksucking trainees off on a dildo stuck to a wall. I find when it’s stuck to a wall, you can get right down on your knees, like you will when you finally take a real cock. And of course I will give you advice and tips while you're down there, on your technique and your positioning. It also allows me to use my paddle or riding crop to correct your mistakes. There’s nothing like a sharp smack on the ass or between the legs to correct errors in your performance!

Next Comes Your Mistress' Strap-on

Once I’m satisfied with your progress on the dildo, then we move on to my strap-on. You might think, why is that important? If you can suck a dildo on your knees, why attach it to your sexy and commanding Mistress? Well, first off, why are you thinking? Your mind should be on sucking dick and sucking dick only! Second, cocks are attached to real live human beings, and sucking cock isn’t just about sucking cock – oh and the balls. Cock AND balls – are a 3-piece set afterall! No, knob gobbling is also about using your hands. To stroke that cock while it’s thrusting in and out of your mouth, to run your hands over his taut, muscled ass. To look up into his bliss filled, half-closed eyes and make him believe it’s the best dick you’ve ever had in your mouth. You also need to get used to how different men like their blowjobs. Some stand there passively and let you do all the work. Others are going to grab you by the ears and skull fuck you! You need to be prepared for that.

It's Cock Sucking Graduation Time

Finally! And that means a real dick to practice on. Yes, I said practice. You’re still not ready to go out in the real world and seek out your own dick, that'll come once you've got well developed skills. It’s okay though. I have quite a few slaves who have earned a reward and would love to have a faggot like you give them a blowjob!