Coerced Bi At Swingers’ Party


Hello, everyone. I am a Femdom who owns a submissive boy. We have been together for quite some time now and have been exploring all sorts of things that neither of us ever imagined we’d be doing when we first started out. These things have turned out to be most enjoyable for us, albeit unexpectedly. My sweet submissive turned out to really enjoy coerced bi scenarios!


One of the things that we never thought we’d enjoy was going to swingers’ parties. Neither of us are voyeurs or exhibitionists, so we never believed that this type of thing was something we’d enjoy together, but we were wrong. There is a swingers’ party in our town that is geared toward people who are “kinky,” rather than just toward people who get off on public sex. We go almost every time there is a party, and we love it!


In addition to surprisingly liking the parties themselves, there are also several things we’ve tried there that we adored. One of these things, for example, is cuckolding. My submissive is not particularly well-endowed, so I certainly didn’t mind the opportunity to fuck guys with bigger cocks. Actually, we had so much fun with it that we began doing it outside of swingers’ parties, but that’s another story.


Cuckolding Leads To Cocksucking


At first, though, my sub would just sit back and watch (and perhaps stroke his cock if I’d given him permission) while I was being fucked with another man’s big cock. But, eventually, he began taking a more active role at my command. It started with my sitting on his face after I’d finished fucking my bull. He loved being a creampie eating cuckold, which paved the way for the next kink we indulged in….


Once my submissive grew accustomed to his place as a cum eating cuckold in private, I decided it was time to take our little show to the next level…in public. I made up my mind that at the next party, I would have him act as my fluffer boy and suck cock for me before I had public sex with my bull.


In preparation for the big day, I had my sub practice how to suck cock for me with my strap on. I was confident of his cocksucking and deep-throating skills once I finished with him, and I knew the three of us were going to have some fun at the next swingers’ party!


Sub Becomes A Fluffer Boy At Last


The night of the party, my sub and I arrived early. I wanted us to have a prime position in the room for what was about to take place. My bull showed up shortly thereafter. Once the party was in full “swing,” so to speak, the fun began. Several people gathered around as my sub dropped to his knees for the first time in front of my bull. Everyone was excited at what they were about to witness, but I don’t think anyone was as excited as me!


I watched as my sub pulled out my bull’s huge cock. He gulped and turned to look at me, in need of encouragement. I went to stand beside him and gave his head a gentle nudge in the right direction. Taking a deep breath, he wrapped his lips around that big dick and began his very first bout with coerced cocksucking.


He performed just as admirably as I’d hoped he would, licking, sucking, and deep-throating like a champ. Despite the fact that we referred to it as “coerced bi,” I actually think he was a little disappointed when I told him that it was my turn with my bull’s cock.


Not to worry, though. My bull can get hard multiple times over the course of the evening with very little refractory period needed. After we finished our usual fucking marathon, I had my sub perform one extra task before having him clean up my creampie. He had to lick my juices off my bull’s cock, which he did with great gusto. I think I had as much fun watching as he had sucking!


So how did it end? Well, my bull got hard again with his cock in my sub’s mouth, so my sub finally did get the taste of cum straight from the source that he appeared to be waiting for. He’s one submissive man who learned that, at least in this case, cum eating does lead to cocksucking.


Ready For Your Debut At A Swingers’ Party? The Suck Patrol Mistresses Can Guide You.