Coerced To Be Gay:

When You Need a Little Help Exploring Your Bisexuality


When people have a constant desire for something that is not a part of their current environment, like say… being coerced to be gay, they often rely on their minds to make sense of these thoughts. Now, sometimes we have a thought that leaves us as quickly as it came. But this is not always true. Sometimes these thoughts embed themselves in our mind and we start fantasizing about them.

Fantasizing about something that you have yet to experience can be very exhilarating.  In fact, it often motivates you to go out and enjoy what you have dreamed about for so long.  Sometimes, though, it is not so simple. For men especially.

There are some people who feel so passionate about their fantasies, they can leave everything behind and live in their own fantasy world. They become quite comfortable in their fantasy world.  Until it becomes reality.

Its like they trade in their current realty and live in their own. So, who fantasizes more, men or women? Actually, does it surprise you to learn that we all fantasize equally?  It’s true. We often fantasize about the same things. We just don’t admit it.

Fantasy Cocksuckers Need a Little Coercion


For some, the concept of a fantasy world is too overwhelming, so they decide to ignore it.  They need a little “coercion” or encouragement.  Individuals, fantasizing about thoughts that many consider to be “gay,” find this to be especially true.

Over time, humans have thought that having a fantasy about a person of the same sex automatically implies that you are gay. So not true. Having a fantasy about someone of the same sex means that you are open to new ideas and you can recognize that there are pleasures that you have yet to comprehend.

Oftentimes, when men have a fantasy that is considered by many to be gay, they suppress the idea.  But the desire never goes away. Despite their persistant efforts to erase these fantasies, they are unable to ignore their desires. They will let their fantasy haunt them, instead of just giving in and enjoying. These men need to be “coerced” to let  their guard down, in order for them to appreciate their fantasies.



Coerced To Be Gay


We often run away from what we really want, to please those around us who may not understand. But, why? Having gay fantasies does not change who you are as a person. Instead, it expands your sexuality. Investigating gay fantasies will not change who you are, either. It’s more of a “dream come true” experience.  Nevertheless, many are unable to take that risk alone. They need to be “coerced.”

Being “coerced,” to face your honest desires, eliminates the possibility of you backing down, thus missing out. Without “force,” some men will never explore their gay fantasies. The proper guidance of another person relieves the fears or worries that many men who have gay fantasies usually have.

Some men fear they have to immediately find another guy to have sex with in order to interpret their gay fantasizes. Not true. There are plenty of women who fantasize about having sex, “like a man.”

Just like men, women fantasize about role-reversal sex, and usually do something about it. The invention of the dildo and “strap on” are just two examples of tactics women use to make their fantasies come true.  Men can use these same tactics to help explore their gay fantasies.



Coerced To Be Gay: Women Understand Gay Fantasies


Gay fantasies are easily understood by women because we share similar sexual desires. While some men only dream about taking part in a gay sexual encounter, women do it all the time. We know the joys felt when we are with a man sexually, so we easily relate to those who fantasize about it.

Despite popular belief, women would much rather share the pleasures felt when being with a man, than shun them. Many men find this hard to believe so women are “coerced” to show them.

Women have a way of making men do things they usually would not do. For a woman, a man will let down his guard and start confessing desires they normally would never dare to admit. Once they are able to confess, they become extremely vulnerable.

Although a man is able to confess a fantasy, it does not necessarily mean that they are able to explore them without assistance. They still need a little push. . .a little “force” and women have a way of doing just that.

We allow men to express themselves freely and help them understand why they may feel a certain way.  But they have to be able to admit it. There’s no need to stand on a roof top holding a banner explaining that you sometimes fantasize about being with another man. However, you must be able to admit it.

It is at this very moment that you allow yourself to enjoy your cravings. And once you confess a little, women have a way of getting more. We already know exactly what you are talking about, because we have experienced it in more ways than one.



Quit Fighting It and Admit Your Gay Fantasies


Many times men tense up and try to hold back or change the subject.  Regardless, women recognize that. You can not fool us and we always know what is best. Bottling up emotions and desire, for fear of having to admit you are gay, is simply not worth it. It actually does more harm than good, so there’s really no need for it. One way or another, the truth will come out.  “Coercion” is never as bad as it seems.


Coersion is sometimes needed for those men who are afraid to admit that they are turned on by their gay fantasies. Without it, some men would never realize just how exciting it can be.

Society has told us what to think and how to think for so long, we often become brainwashed.  We miss out on some of the joys in life, and for what? If it feels good and makes you happy, enjoy it. And if you are too afraid. . . maybe you need some “coercion.”

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