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Why Do Men Love coerced Bi Fantasies?

Ms Tara of the Suck Patrol Says:

I think most men are fascinated with blow jobs, and with cocks. Especially BIG cocks. They know how good it feels to get one, and I believe most men believe they could give an incredible blow job, given the chance. After all, they HAVE cocks. They know how to touch it, how those tiny licks and broad strokes can drive a man crazy. They wouldn't forget to finger the ass, or play with the balls, because they know how much those things add to the experience. But there is such a stigma on straight men even fantasizing about other men, they really need a woman to legitimatize it.

And not only a woman, a stern forceful superior woman. She's MAKING him do this degrading thing, she holds all the cards, he has no choice. So he can service those hard dicks, as many as he wants, while begging for mercy from his mistress. It's not his fault! She wants him, she's forcing him to take them. To taste them. And if he enjoys it, that just makes it better for her and makes him more obedient. A better coerced bi slave.

* * * *

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Ms Lindsay of the coerced Bi Suck Patrol Says:
In society, men are not expected to exhibit any sort of weakness. For a man to submit sexually to another man is viewed as the ultimate weakness. It's considered unacceptable no matter how many movies are released about big, strong cowboys who indulge in man on man love. With that said, it's no secret(or at least it shouldn't be) that human sexuality is fluid. A man who has a powerful, Joe America exterior will have a tough time admitting to himself and society the fact he craves to be used by another man. When Joe America fantasizes about submitting sexually to another man, he's better able to rationalize his feelings by taking the "she made me do it" route. It's a story that's as old as Adam and the apple. Luckily for Joe America, some women enjoy playing the role of Eve.

* * * *

Ms Cassandra of the coerced Bi Suck Patrol Says:
They must have some bi-sexual tendencies to begin with, not necessarily crosdressing. Being "coerced" is another way of accepting the fact they are cocksuckers at heart. Bi-sexuality is a most balanced way to be, but there is much guilt attached to it. The guilt is ameliorated by a dominant Woman holding that head and forcing that mouth to do what is tabboo. Some guys are simply testing the waters of their psyche. They are the mosr open minded , less homophobic ones in my opinion.

Men are goal oriented, and naturally when the goal is achieved, they move on to the next goal. Orgasm is a pleasurable goal and so much more intense when delayed then released at a later time. Let's face it, the view from the mountain is so much better than the roll down, or the strenuous climb to the top. The more powerful and successful a guy is , the more he likes to give the power away to a dominant Masturbatrix. A guy is much more creative and driven if he is denied. He is also more attentive to his controller, submissive and cooperative.

* * * *

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Ms Dallas of the coerced Bi Suck Patrol Says:
Society in general does not approve of men sucking other men's cocks. Even though most men are curious about the size, feel and reaction of another man's cock, that societal "no no" keeps them from exploring those cocks for real. However, when a strong, dominant woman orders them to their knees, presents them with another man who wants to be sucked, and then orders them to do it, the taboo is temporarily lifted. Our little cocksucker knows he must suck that cock for his mistress and must do a great job of it. This allows him to suck that much longed for cock because it wasn't really his idea--he was ordered to do it by his much more powerful Mistress.

* * * *

Ms Ashley of the coerced Bi Suck Patrol Says:
Most men are curious about the size of other mens cocks. Do they measure up? What would one other than their own feel like in their hand, their mouth? Frightened by the aspect that if they ventured out on their own to find the answers to their questions we offer them the perfect solution. If a strong, confident woman is "pushing" them in this direction they must succumb to her wishes.

* * * *

Ms Ava of the coerced Bi Suck Patrol Says:
There are several reasons that come to mind when I reflect on why it is men enjoy coerced bi fantasies. To explain my thought processes best, I would like to frame my philosophy on human sexuality in general. I believe that sexuality and gender (and their expressions thereof) sit on a continuum. There is no right or wrong way to express sexuality and furthermore, gender is not something that is so black and white in terms of there are only two ways to express and experience one's gender. Particularly in American culture, we tend to struggle with those deeply ingrained Puritanical belief systems that have been force-fed to us for centuries on end.

When a man fantasizes about being in a coerced bi situation he is essentially craving a different way to express his sexuality and for the moment, experience what it may be like to behave as the opposite gender. More often than not, men who have coerced bi fantasies are typically heterosexual in their daily rounds and have no desire to truly live out the fantasy of being coerced into a sexual act with another male. Yet, it almost becomes cathartic to have the gender roles reversed, and based on the theory I stated above, I would venture to say that this sexual and mental catharsis is a necessary one to ensure one's all around well being. We were created as sexual beings and therefore need to have multiple ways to express our sexuality from time to time. Additionally, for those men who experience feelings of guilt or shame in having coerced bi fantasies, the very element of being "coerced" by a female to engage in a sexual act with another male serves to alleviate that initial notion of shamefulness. How can he be truly ashamed for sucking off another man's cock if he was *made* to do so? Thus, all responsibility is erased and he can continue to enjoy becoming lost in the cathartic moment.

* * * *

Ms Ava of the coerced Bi Suck Patrol Says:
I think that it Definitely goes without saying that we all exhibit, contemplate or even better ..Embrace , if even in the slightest ..a desire for some sort of encounter with the same sex..the proverbial "Forbidden Fruit" of sorts.

Have you ever heard such phrases as "We are all slightly bisexual in a way ...whether we choose to realize it" . Of course , many who acknowledge such a thing ..even somewhat alot of misconceptions with what we all know quite well as the common human nature ...a curiosity of sorts , if you will . It is slightly predominant within all of us the curious tendencies of our thoughts ; whether they are concious or completely ignored/denied ..are still there even if only in the recesses of the mind.

Whether we choose to either recognize and accept this as a reality , or to supress and ignore it altogether (Which you know as well as I do ...that kind of logic usually backfires eventually). Why , you ask? It is still there . As many would agree ...even the most macho of men have at least had the thought cross their mind , if even in a great deal of vaguary.

Add to all of this the fact that We as Women know that a man would do anything to please us ..well we surely use that to our advantage ..and honestly speaking here , I find that in and of itself to be definitively arousing.

And I know for a fact that you as men do too! ::Giggle::

Maybe and of course , even more so in the aspect of being coerced to act upon these very things , even if it might seem unthought of or simply humiliating.

In short though . if that is truly so , then why does your cock throb in arousal at these very ideas and words.

Ms Cecilia of the coerced Bi Suck Patrol Says:

When a man is in a heightened state of arousal, he gets into a very weak and submissive state of mind. He will do ANYTHING to cum, but at the same time, he loves to be under a woman's control. I believe it's an addiction to being aroused, which is the most wonderful feeling. The feeling of being turned on and the adrenaline coursing through a man's veins is a great high, coupled with a woman's ability to control, tease and deny is awesome!