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Coerced Bi: You're Not Gay If She Asked You To Suck Cock

By Ms Tanya of Suck Patrol

From the beginning of time women have been a step ahead of men. Many people are not ready to admit this, but those of us in the Femdom sphere know it is true.

Through their natural sensuality, women have been providing the missing element that all men need: understanding. They carry a distinct aura that makes it extremely difficult for anyone to resist them. It is through thier natural beauty, charm, and understanding that advanced, superior women are able to receive everything they want.

Some women are not aware that they are in possession of these natural abilities. They do not understand that they have the power to look a man in the eyes with passion and assurance, and in turn receive everything they desire. They don't recognize the signs of a man that is ready to surrender to them. Some women just can't recognize their inner sexual power and they never understand exactly what they would get if only they asked.

Femdom Women Know How to Make Their Man Submissive and Obedient

Then there are women like myself. Women who recognize that men are natural pleasers and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I have no problem stating what I am looking for and allowing a man to make it possible. This is especially true in sexual relationships. When physical contact is involved, men are more submissive than women because they become extremely sensitive.

First, you have to deal with the fact that you are in the presence of a woman and the thought of pleasing her is so intense. This intensity takes over your mind and allows you to only focus on her pleasure. I think it is at this moment that men are able to admit to themselves their undying desire to please.

Once they are able to admit this to themselves, they have another strong desire to prove it. Men have always felt the need to prove things. While trying to prove they honestly want to please a woman, men can find themselves doing and agreeing to things they have never given any prior thought to.

For a woman, men will let down all of their usual "manly" characters and allow themselves to become completely submissive. There seems to be no greater experience than letting a woman take complete control of a sexual situation. Being able to relax and wait for her request can cause sensations that are incomparable to any other life experience.

Pleasing a woman has benefits that can not be described unless experienced. There is nothing like being able to see the smile of a woman receiving exactly what she wanted. Especially if that smile is the result of her imagination coming to life thanks to a submissive man. The essence of a woman changes when she receives exactly what she wants and so do her request thereafter.

Emasculation and Submission of the Male

Once a woman experiences something that she wants exactly as she imagined, the next request is always a bit more detailed. All women enjoy the sensual and sexual feeling that comes with wearing feminine clothing. This is why we enjoy having some men dress in our clothing. There is something about having a man wearing something from our closet that captures our minds. Some men easily recognize this as an attempt to connect with men on a deeper level.

I believe this is the true connection point between a man and a woman. Through the actions of the other person, each understand their true role in the relationship. Women begin to see the true man and our understanding of the ability to receive everything that we ask for begins.

For men, they become comfortable in their role as a pleaser. When they witness the satisfaction a woman experiences when receiving just a taste of what she wants, they are ready for them to taste more. When women want more, men feel they always have a way of making them happy. This is feasible by giving them exactly what they want.

When Your Mistress Wants to See You With Another Man...Or Men!

Some women want to keep the exploration of the new level of understanding that is being developed between the two of them. Some enjoy the experience better when there is a third maybe even a forth party involved. The additional guest may be another woman or man but it is always at the request of the woman. For most women, the thought of a coerced bisexual encounter is the ultimate proof of how serious a man is about his desire to please.

By willingly participating in a "coerced-bi" experience because a woman has asked you does not make you gay. You are fulfilling your duty as a submissive man who is comfortable with rendering himself to the complete control, and most importantly, the request of a woman. The ability to put aside what has been considered "straight" in order to carry out the request of a woman sets a standard. This standard is used as a test for all man who proclaim that there is true self satisfaction through the happiness of women.

coerced Bi: A New Level of Thinking, a New Height of Submission

Taking part in a "coerced-bi" experience symbolizes the level of thinking a man has reached in his life. When a man is able to surrender himself so that he can play a feminine role for a change, that does not mean that he is gay. It simply means that the woman involved has the ability, through nothing more than just being a woman, to allow him to show his love and appreciation for her in more ways than normally assumed.

This often includes her wearing a strap on. First time experience are life changing and set in stone a mans role in a coerced bi situation. Being able to completely relax in a woman's presence so that the two of you are able to enjoy the new sensations is a huge accomplishment.

It is from this point that women develop a new level of comfort and become enthusiastic to continue experiencing more of her desires. These desires may lead to actual contact with another man. Although it is thought that men have no thoughts about the anatomy of other men, this is simply not true. Many men are fully knowledgeable about how pleasurable the feel of a mans body can be for a woman. Women understand these thoughts and often crave an intimate experience with two men who understand why they were chosen.

Women enjoy seeing submissive men who are able to maintain their understanding that this is strictly to carry out her request. There is nothing even slightly "gay" about pleasing a woman. There is no other being that deserves the complete devotion of men than women. So when women ask for something that is easily obtainable, there is no wonder why men are ok with "coerced-bi" experiences from time to time. They can't help.

Please Your Mistress: It's The Right Thing To Do

There is nothing wrong with a man who would truly do "anything", including a coerced-bi experience, just to make me happy. I'm not going to say you are "gay" but rather a person who's comfortable enough with yourself to put the desires of others first. What could be better?

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