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Coerced Bi With a T-Girl Tranny

As a woman who enjoys coerced bi fantasies and experiences, I think one of the hottest coerced bi fantasies would be one where the Mistress coerces the male into an experience with a t-girl. Even hotter, would be where the Mistress had the cock.

Imagine a hot coerced bi fantasy involving a seductive, powerful female stranger who picks you up, oh I don't know, maybe at a bar. Maybe the drinks are flowing and you get a little loose with spilling your secrets. After all, this is a stranger whom you will probably never see again in your life. So you can tell her your little secret about your fantasies involving The Cock, right?

Of course, even in your tipsy state of mind you're sure to reiterate to her that it is just a fantasy. You've never sucked anything more than your girlfriend's toes, and you never plan to. Sucking a cock is just a fantasy that gets you hot, and that's that.

She says Mmmmmm....maybe we can talk about that after we...go back to my place?

You think, "jackpot!" Once once or twice in your life before have you been propositioned buy such a piece of high end ass. Maybe never. Her invitation sobers you up quite a bit and off into the night you go, with this mysterious, beautiful stranger...

And back at her place, she invites you to sit on the couch, you neck a bit, and she whispers to you that she'd love to be the one with whom you explore your coerced bi fantasy...if you ever decide to do it for real...

In your extremely aroused state you're more open than you ever have been before, to the idea of actually experiencing your cock fantasy. So you tell her to tell you more...

She says, "Baby, I can SHOW you more...."

And she takes your hand and slides it up your skirt and it feels very unfamiliar - and very familiar still - at the same time...

Are you ready for your coerced bi tranny fantasy?

I think you are....

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coerced Bi to Please: In this Femdom Mistress' opinion, sucking cock for your Mistress does not make you "gay" - it makes you a good pet!

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