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Does A Good Cocksucker Have to Deepthroat?

by Ms. Rachel of

So, you want to suck cock.  Or maybe you're already a prolific cocksucker, and have never taken a cock all the way down to the balls.  But, you say to yourself, so much of the porn you see these days involves deepthroating, you see it talked about in cock whore circles online, and maybe your Mistress has even mentioned it in sessions.  It makes you wonder, do you have to deepthroat in order to be a good cocksucker?

My answer to that question is, it depends.  On what does it depend?

First of all, and most importantly, what does the owner of that big cock enjoy most?  Even if a cockslut doesn't consider him or herself submissive, s/he still wants to please.  Though I've heard of very few dominant studs or cuckold bulls who don't enjoy the snug wetness and kinky visual involved in having his whole hard dong oozed down into the throat pussy of his cocksucking whore, I have certainly heard of a few who are indifferent to it.  For these, it simply doesn't add much to their experience.  Maybe this is because they prefer the emphasis to be on the head of the cock, and on suction, rather than the feeling of complete penetration.

In my experience, however, dominant stud cocks (and most cuckold bulls) are concerned about more than sensation.  What the dominant stud cock desires, at least as much as pleasure, is a show of submission, of complete surrender.  He intends to visit humiliation on the beta male or cocksucking sissy as much as to receive pleasure from him or her.  That often includes cramming his whole cock down its throat to the balls.

You might be wondering, what if the inspiration in your cock sucking adventures is to please your Mistress?

 Will she be more concerned with how well you give pleasure, or how deeply you submit?  If your Mistress and I are anything alike, it will likely be a combination of the two.  If you are sucking cock for Mistress, she will probably train and encourage you before you encounter your first real cock, making clear what she expects of you, and likely instructing you to practice with a dildo.  If you are lucky enough to be owned by a dominant woman in the flesh, she may train you by having you suck her strap-on, which will give you a more visceral idea of the style she likes--she'll literally show you as well as tell you.

Perhaps you well know that your Mistress or your current stud cock require that you deepthroat, but you are resistent to the idea because gagging worries you or makes you uncomfortable.  First, it's not a given that you will gag, at least not after a while.  Practice makes perfect.  But if you are a submissive cocksucker, ask yourself if it's really appropriate for you to put your own comfort over the potential pleasure of your stud or your Mistress?  Besides, you won't smother.  Remember your nose?  It might be busy blowing spit bubbles during a vigorous throat fucking, but you can still breathe through it!

In short, depending on who you're trying to please, and their tastes, the answer to the topic question is, not necessarily.  But if you're among those whose stud cock or Mistress encourages or even requires you to open up your throat pussy, the answer is yes, and you can fulfill this expectation more simply than you might think, with practice, comittment, resistence to panic, and a lot of spit.

Happy Cocksucking!  *wink*