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What Is A Fluffer?

Fluffer. Itís not a word that you hear and understand right away, but once someone takes a moment to explain to you just what it is, the name makes complete sense. I am a fluffer. Of course, I didnít start out as one, just like you didnít. In fact you might be one and not even know you are or maybe you are not a fluffer yet, but if you have hot wife or girlfriend, one who is really too hot for a guy like you, youíll be a fluffer soon enough. So, you might as well learn what it means and just what being a fluffer entails. Otherwise she is going to end up pissed off at you and you will have to do extra work to make it up to her.

So, lets start out assuming that you have heard the word, but have no idea what it means. When a fluffer is referred to in the erotic sense of the word it does not mean fluffing the pillows, or fluffing your hair. In the erotic definition, a fluffer is someone who is on the set of an erotic pornographic film and is there to keep the men hard for the action of the film. It can also be a man who is being cuckolded by his wife or girlfriend, like me and maybe like you too.

Fluffing For Work

This one is the original use of the word, for work on the set in porn. Thatís right, this is a real job. Can you imagine having this on your resumeí? Maybe you didnít get the point and still arenít sure what you would be doing. Let me spell it out for you. Though you shouldnít be too clueless since you are already here at suck patrol! Your job would be to suck cock and keep the men hard in between takes of the porn film. So, if you love to suck cock, chances are you would love this job. So, for those of you looking to branch out or change careers, you might want to go and be a fluffer after all!

Fluffing For Her Pleasure

Another time the term fluffer is used is when you are a couple and you live a cuckold lifestyle. This is how I first learned about fluffing. My wife brought her new man with his much larger than mine dick home and informed me that I was going to be the fluffer for the night. At the time, while I had kind of figured out what she meant, I pretended I had no idea. This is when she told me in great detail, while he laughed, exactly what I would be doing. You see, the word fluffer in cuckolding is when the boyfriend or husband is the one that keeps the bull hard during sexual activity with the wife or girlfriend. If she needs a break or just wants to watch me suck him before he gets with her, I get on my knees and do it. You will too, because you want to make her happy. But you have to be very good at it. Much like if it were your job, you need to be a good cock sucker fluffer for your girlfriend or wife and her man.

So, now you know! A fluffer is a man who fluffs up (keeps or gets hard) another manís cock. It is certainly something to think about. Imagine yourself trying on the role of a fluffer to see if it fits you nicely, or maybe you donít have to imagine at all maybe you already are one You suck cock for the benefit of others, I donít think itís such a bad idea. Your Mistress will happily make you into her fantasy fluffer. She may have you entertain one man or amuse her by sucking many cocks. Maybe it will be a game to see how many cocks you can fluff and keep fluffed up all at once. If it sounds like I know what Iím talking aboutÖI do. You see my wife is also my Mistress and she has a wicked imagination when coming up with cocks for me to suck. She laughs and says this is the perfect thing for me to do. That I am perfectly suited to being her official cocksucker in all of the fantasies we play out together.

If you want to talk about a fluffer fantasy, and cock sucking - give the ladies of a call and enjoy!