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Sucking Cock 101: Learning to Take a Large Cock

You may have fantasized about sucking a big cock, and being able to really take one deep in mouth or throat - especially when you watch pornographic videos and you see girls who are able to take them deep. How do they do it? How can you perform the act of fellatio with such erotic ease without gagging, struggling or sputtering?

The fact is, you will struggle for awhile until you have become used to sucking a big cock - but you can practice, practice, and practice being a good cock sucker! The way in which you practice is to first watch pornographic videos where you can watch the techniques of how the ladies suck a big cock (and make sure the cock is indeed big).

Also, practice with sucking a dildo, but make sure you work your way up. You can start with an average dildo, say around six inches, and work your way up to eight, nine or ten inches. With each size, make sure you master one before you graduate to the next. Relax your mouth, relax your throat and gently push the dildo in without coerce. Make sure you are comfortable, and pretend you are pleasuring a real cock. Also, relax your lips and wrap them around on the dildo comfortably, and let it flow as if you were sucking on a yummy Popsicle.

If you have a gagging reflex from where the dildo is going too far in the back of your throat, you can use such treatments as Chloraseptic spray to help numb your throat.

Keep practicing, and soon with the help of your Mistress, you’ll be able to master the techniques of sucking a very big cock!

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