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At Suck Patrol, we understand your secret desire to suck a man's cock. Or perhaps you prefer tranny cock? Either way, your secret is safe with us. We know that just because you fantasize about being a cocksucking slut down on your knees, this doesn't mean you are "gay" or "perverted"—it just means you like the cock! And that's fine with us. Explore your cocksucking fantasies in the safe venue of our website. We specialize in coached cocksucking fantasies.

A lot of the time, men who fantasize about coerced bi fantasies are also curious about cum. The taste of cum, the feel of cum, what it would be like to experience another man ejaculating on them, in them...Sometimes, the easiest place to start exploring this fantasy is by eating your own cum. If you're like a lot of our coerced bi callers, you may need a woman to "coerce" you to eat your own cum during a coerced bi session. That's all right with us! Our coerced bi Mistresses and FemDommes would be more than willing to make you eat your own cum...and when you're experienced enough, you can move onto tasting another man.

Coached Cocksucking with Femdom Mistresses

You can also start your coerced bi exploration with a Femdom Mistress with a strap on. It's often easier to ease into the reality of coerced bi fantasies if the "cock" you are servicing is attached to a gorgeous woman. This is where strapons can come in handy. We offer strap on training phone sex sessions at Suck Patrol.

Just remember—you may fantasize about sucking cocks, or perhaps even taking a man in other ways...but you don't need to be ashamed. Coerced bi and coerced cocksucking is a very common male fantasy. It is very common for a man to fantasize about being a trashy little cum eating slut in his own fantasies...even if he is a totally straight man "in real life". Go ahead...enjoy those fantasies with the coerced Bi Mistresses of Suck Patrol.

Cocksucking Resources

So your man is bi curious? Don't worry! There are many ways you can share this fantasy with your man...

Do you fantasize about being Seduced into to be Gay? Before you can become a cocksucker, you'll need to learn how to suck a cock. Then you can progress by learning how to suck a large cock by taking it deep into the throat without gagging.

Are you Cock Curious? Ms Ally writes a bit about the difference between loving the cock, and loving the man...

Please your Mistress: In the opinion of this Femdom Mistress, sucking cock for a woman does not make one gay; it makes one obedient.

Sissy Cuckolds: Are you being feminized and cuckolded? You may just be a sissy cuckold!

Strap On Training: Femdom Mistress Dallas offers Seduced Bi Strap-on training

Bi Stories: Strap On Mistress Cassandra loves to tell seduced bi stories

Seduced Into Sucking Cock: Ms Ashley will seduce you into sucking cock

Ms Hannah Seduces Men into Sucking Cock

Why Do Men Love Seduced Bi Fantasies?: The Suck Patrol Mistresses offer their wisdom to answer the question: Why do men love coerced bi fantasies?

Seduced Bisexuality: Hayley loves training men in coerced bisexuality.
Seduced Cocksucking Links: Seduced Bi and Coerced Cocksucking and Audio MP3 Files: Check this page for audios on the subjects of seduced bi and coerced cocksucking fantasies. The Suck Patrol Mistresses LOVE to record sexy audios for closeted suckers like you.

Adventures in Cocksucking: Let Ms. Lauren seduce you into sucking cock for her.

How to Get Over Your First Blow Job Jitters

You have thought about coerced bi for a long time, and you have even selected the first guy you are going to do it with—be that he is a friend, or someone you met randomly that you know you can be comfortable with. You have thought about sucking cock, and have never done it—and now is your chance. Read more about first time cocksucker jitters and how to handle them.

Want to be a better cock sucker? Ms. Cecilia tells you all about how to be the best cocksucker you can be.

Are you a Cock Sucker? Then Don't Neglect the Balls!

If you want to be the best at sucking cock, or you have been doing it awhile and need some ideas to make your partner really enjoy his cock being sucked by you, then don't forget about his two little members that want to join in on the party too. Too many forget about the testicles, in fact, there's little porn that shows the balls being pleasured too, but they do. Read more about how to pleasure balls while sucking cock.

How to Achieve the Best Cock Sucking Lips

You are going to suck a cock—a very nice, big juicy cock. Maybe it's your first time, or maybe it's your millionth time in being bi curious, but sucking cock is something you love to do, think about, and plan for. So if you like to be a little feminine—why not make your lips cock-sucking ready?

Interracial Bi-Curious?

It's no secret that many who fantasize about sucking their first cock will often fantasize about a big, black cock. Having a very well endowed black member in their mouth is a very common fantasy. What is it about interracial fantasies that get some men going?

What is a Size Queen? Are You a Size Queen?

As a connoisseur of the cock, I prefer mine to be big when I'm having sex, or I am sucking on one. Does that make me a size Queen? Of course it does! What about you? Are you a size Queen? Read the details and definitions of a size Queen.

What is a Fluffer?

You may have heard the term "fluffer" or maybe you have not. A fluffer in the erotic sense of the word does not mean fluffing the pillows, or hair. If you love to suck cock, chances are you probably have heard of it. If you haven't, you might want to go and be a fluffer after all! So what what does being a fluffer mean for guys who love to suck cock?

Anal Plugs

Do you love to have your ass played with? Have you considered perhaps purchasing some anal toys to experience what it might be like? You might want to consider buying some anal plugs and calling one of our Mistresses to join in on the fun! Read more about butt plugs and other ass play anal toys.

Adding a Man to your Fantasy Phone Sex Call

Have you ever considered having phone sex with a guy present? If you are into cuckold calls, humiliation or seduced bi—then a guy will be a great asset to your phone sex call! All you do is go to one of our sites and look for the guy we have available and ask our friendly dispatcher to connect the Master and Mistress of your choice. It could make for an exciting phone sex. Read more about having phone sex with a guy and a girl.

Chastity Training: Visit the Dicktator for chastity training.

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