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Are You Interracial Bi-Curious?

Here at suck patrol we know that everyone likes something a little different and when it comes to being curious there are lots of different things that our cock suckers and potential cock suckers desire. There are some who want to go for it with a real cock and others who are hoping to start with a strap on just to try it out. Some cock suckers are bi-curious and others just suck curious, we welcome all of you. But we do have some favorites!

Those of you who are not only bi-curious but also have some very specific interracial sucking desires are ones we adore! Not that we don’t love all our cock suckers and cock sucker wanna-be guys, but we do have a special place, though it’s a small humiliating place for our guys who know they should be on their knees sucking a nice thick dark cock. It's no secret that many who fantasize about sucking their first cock will often fantasize about a big, black cock. Having a very well-endowed black member in their mouth is a very common fantasy. What is it about interracial fantasies that get some men going?

The Bigger the Better?

Size matters. Let's face it—it does, and size wins out when it comes to a choice of what a bi-curious wants to pleasure! The theory that black men are bigger in length and girth than white men, fuels this fantasy. Many get excited about it being bigger and you know what they say, the bigger the better. Whether or not African-descendant cock is bigger or not doesn't matter—it's the fantasy and legend that they are much bigger than a Caucasian man's cock that turns the bi-curious man on! You get excited imagining it and we like the thought of discussing it in great detail with you.

So, size is one reason for being interracial bi-curious. If you fantasize about a black cock that is gargantuan as you struggle to wrap your mouth around it and stroke it and pleasure it—you are not alone. Not at all in fact. One of the reasons we say we love this desire is because black cock fantasies are quite common. For some it is just the excitement of pleasuring a huge cock, for others there is a humiliation aspect to it as well. The comparison between your smaller white (or brown) cock and the much bigger black one you are going to have to suck, well that can be very humiliating, especially if there is a hot woman involved who would look from one to the other and declare one a real cock and you far below it! *giggle*

Smooth Dark Color

So, besides size, what might be the draw of a big black cock? Well the color of course! Many of our interracial bi-curious cock suckers just love to go on and one about how gorgeous in color a big dark cock can be. Smooth and deep and when slick with their spit, well very shiny and sexy. They tell us – and we know for ourselves – that the color of a black man's cock is beautiful, contrasting nicely with a lighter-skinned man who is pleasuring his cock. Personally, it’s one of my favorite color combinations especially if there is a vast difference between the very dark and very light. It is art in motion, and it's a symbolism of power and sterility, size and endurance in the black cock dominating over a perceived weaker and smaller white cock. This is exciting both for us to watch and you to do.

We do realize that there are other dark cocks that are not African American and we totally do not discriminate, but it seems this fetish for the interracial bi-curious is very specific. With all this talk about skin color it may seem silly to be so narrow in what is hot, as there are big cocks across the board in every race, some of the biggest coming from Middle Eastern men—but, the legend is what it is. The strong black man with his huge cock, able to satisfy in a way that no white man can, is the predominate desire in this fetish. The image of the black cock taking reign over white men seems ready to continue without interruption. It seems poised to persist in the fantasies of the bi-curious who wish nothing more than to be subjugated to the big, black powerful sword and to fall short in all ways when compared.