Pool Boy’s First Coerced Bi Experience


So I will admit, I get intensely bored while my husband is away on his business trips. Trips that happen often, which I suppose is how I have ended up in the situation I am in currently. I guess I should give you just a bit more information so that you can really see the picture of what is going on here. I can’t really be blamed for what I get up to, or how I managed to tempt a slut into becoming a coerced bi slut.


While I was still an undergrad, studying god knows what, I met Brian. Brian was several years older and, to be honest, was looking for some arm candy that would settle for a very plush life. Lucky enough for him, he found me. Of course, I am terribly high maintenance, but he didn’t mind since I made all of his colleagues drool when we went out to business parties and such. He kept me like a Queen in his mansion, complete with maids to clean, chefs to cook, and even a sweet and cute pool boy. The best part is that he was gone often; at first, I despised it, until I opened my eyes to this unique opportunity.


Cuckolding My Husband Gave Me All Kinds Of Unique Opportunities


He gave me an unlimited credit line on his credit cards, which I promptly used to buy some of the sluttiest outfits possible. I was just dying to show off my body and find myself a boy toy, so to speak. I just adored being the center of attention at “singles” bars and country clubs. I toyed with several different men until one day I got particularly cozy and settled with this strong, handsome black man. He was a beast in bed, and his cock was more than anything I had ever taken. I am certain that my husband knew, since he was sometimes questioning and suspicious. Secretly, I think he got off on the idea of being a BBC cuckold.


I often flaunted both my body and the body of my black lover through the windows of the bedroom, or while sunning by the pool while the pool boy worked. I was always awfully intrigued by the fact that he never seemed to be staring directly at our bodies, as if he were interested, but shy. In fact, all of his compliments were directed at either the style of our clothing choices or a new style of makeup or hairstyle. I thought it was odd…but telling. So, I decided to test the waters a bit: while my lover and I lay by the pool one day the pool boy was there, so I straddled my lover in front of him and began grinding and heavily making out with my lover.


Sissy Pool Boy Gets Quite An Eyeful


The pool boy seemed to be easing his way closer and closer to us, so I got down on my knees and pulled my lovers massive cock out and started to stroke and look into the pool boy’s hungry eyes. I knew that look he had, like he wanted to touch that cock…maybe even taste it, and learn to suck cock right then. I smiled at him, and he came over instantly, like a good boy. I stood up and my lover continued stroking his dick slowly, keeping it rock hard as I giggled and told the pool boy to undress.


Hot, isn’t it? Now, picture this scene: I pulled off my swimsuit and handed it to the pool boy, whose eyes grew wide. He quickly slipped into the hot pink bathing suit. I sat on my lover’s lap in a way so that his cock was just inches from my pussy, and the pool boy practically ran over and dropped to his knees, stopping suddenly and looking up at me questioningly. I nodded slowly and he took that big black cock between his lips, quickly forcing his cheeks to flare out and lips to stretch around that cock as he gobbled it down hungrily. Mmm, even remembering it all now makes me nice and wet. He was *such* a good little cocksucking slut.


It was so much fun to watch an eager young man turn very quickly into a coerced bi slut. He was so hungry for cock that it did not take much before he was begging to feel that dick deep inside of him. My lover was more than delighted to accommodate this wish.


We bent that little pool boy over and opened up his tight ass nice and slow before my lover ever started to fuck this sissy slut. It was incredible to watch him take this big black cock; it was not long at all before he was bouncing back on that cock like a good slut would. He was such a little champ! And even to this day he has done nothing but impress us time and time again by pushing the boundaries further. My little pool boy has been so creative in serving his feminization and cuckold Mistress. My black stud is a champion at pleasing us both…and my husband still acts like he doesn’t have a clue of what goes on whenever he’s away.


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