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When it Comes to Sucking Cock, Practice Makes Perfect

by Ms. Marlena of

Not all of them admit it, but many men fantasize about sucking cock. Fantasies are fun, but it's even more exciting to bring some life to your deepest desires. Some of you may have living, breathing toys to play with, but even if you're not ready to suck a real cock, practicing on a dildo is a perfect way to indulge in your fantasies and hone your skills.

Use a dildo until you suck the real thing.

If you don't already have a nice, thick, long dildo, it's time to buy one! Find a good, meaty toy, and get to work! I prefer when my cock suckers play with a toy that is as realistic as possible. Look for a dildo with a big, fat head and thick, vein-covered shaft. And don't forget to look for huge, round balls! You'll be learning to suck those too!

You need a cock sucking coach!

Of course, any training is incomplete without a coach. That's where your favorite Suck Patrol Mistress comes into play. Dominant women love the process of teaching men how to suck cock, so be prepared to work hard for your Mistress! I love guiding my cock sucking trainees in the fine points of an expert blow job, and I love listening to the wet, slurping sounds of them practicing for me on the phone.

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Show off on cam for your Mistress.

If you really want to sharpen your skills and technique, get on cam for your Mistress! With Skype or Yahoo Instant Messenger, you're just a few clicks away from giving a naughty demonstration of your cock whore abilities! It's one thing to SAY you practice, but nothing beats a live show. Get your toy, turn on you cam, and show your Suck Patrol Mistress how deep you can take that cock.

There's a special thrill in performing on cam for your Mistress. You can't see her, but she can see you. More importantly, she can see you doing something naughty and submissive! Your Mistress can give you assignments between calls, and you can report your progress via webcam. Have you learned how to deep throat? Then show your Mistress how much you love gagging and choking. Do you love sucking balls? Then give your Mistress a nice close up of your tongue licking and lapping at your dildo's balls!

The thrill of being an exhibitionist

Sometimes, you want more than doing something naughty. You want someone to see you being naughty. Acting like a cock sucking exhibitionist can be very exciting, especially when you're listening to the playful teasing or skillful encouragement of your Mistress. Showing off your cock sucking skills on cam is a perfect way to get your dose of humiliation. After all, it's hard to take you seriously when you have a dong deep in your mouth! If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a live steam of you practicing on a dildo is worth millions!