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Do you try to control this urge of yours? Do you try to hide it away and pretend that you aren't curious about sucking cock? Are you YEARNING to suck cock right now? I know something that you also know: The thrill of sucking cock does not go away. Oh, you might deny your urges or even try and replace them with something else. The Experienced Mistress knows your sex secrets.

Think about your own experience when you try to stuff something in a container that is too small to contain it. What happens? Exactly! It doesn't fit. It won't stay put. It simply won't be contained and it pops out. Are YOU about to pop? ~smiles~ I know! I understand.

Struggling with these urges is normal. Continuing to stuff your feelings won't work in the long run. So, what do you do?

Take a deep breath, hold it, feel your cares drop away and as you let that breath out imagine a man's crotch in front of you. Look at your hands, reaching up to unzip his pants. Do your hands tremble? Does your breath catch as you gaze at that hard lump in his pants?

You should know that YOU are causing his arousal as he watches you open his zipper and slide down his underwear. When his cock is free it bursts forth, right into your face, smacking your cheek and leaving a trail of glistening pre cum. That cock bounces slightly as if beckoning you closer.

Go closer. That's it. Listen to this suck patrol free erotic audio while you imagine your fingers touching his balls. Feel the swelling veins, wrap your hand around that lovely, hard cock. Only use one hand to do this. You'll need the other hand to dial the phone. It's okay to sound breathless when you ask for Olivia.