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Well, hello there! I am Miss Constance.

Since you're here on my page, then you must be looking for a woman who enjoys helping, watching and even making a man to suck a nice, fat cock! I don't just talk the talk, I have walked the walk with other men in my life who have also enjoyed what you are seeking.

Do you check out other guys and wonder just how big their cock gets when in a hot, wet mouth? Do you find yourself drooling at the sight of another big hard cock and wish you could just drop to your knees and take it deep into your slutty mouth?! Well I am here to help you with your needs and your fantasy for cock. I will guide you through becoming the best cock sucker around! As a man you know how hot it can be when someone is eager and willing to suck cock, so I am sure you will know just what to do to make his hard cock swell and throb in your mouth. If you don't, then I will be more than happy to teach you!!

Yes, I will teach you . . . starting with those balls and licking your way up that cock . . . encouraging you to get it all wet with your hot tongue . . . having you slide just the big mushroom head of it between your lips . . . sliding it slowly deeper and deeper . . . filling your mouth. . . giving you what you have always wanted: your mouth filled with cock! You're going to be a very good cock sucker for me, and you will please his cock as only a true cock sucking slut can!

Not sure if you're ready to go through with it? Maybe you need someone to hold your hand or push your head down. Well, then I am just the woman for the job! I even tricked a man into sucking a cock once! Before he knew what was going on, his lips were around it, and once he started to suck he never stopped!! Ahhhh . . . I can still see his eyes bulging out of his head and the shock on his face when he realized what was in his mouth was not my strap-on but a real live big dick!! He sucked that cock as if his life depended on it and I loved that and cheered him on!! Need some cheering on of your own? Or will I just have to force you to suck that cock for me? Either way, I don't care, because you will indeed become a cock sucker!!

Once you have had a cock in your mouth and the taste of cum filling your throat, you will become addicted and crave more cock. And I will be happy to help you fulfill that need in any way I can. So stop sitting there thinking about it, hard and horny, and let the cock sucking journey begin!