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There's one thing about you that you just can't possibly tell anyone else. It's that deep, dark secret you keep hidden from the rest of the world and when you are in a crowd, you think about it and you wonder if everyone else somehow knows. What do you think about? You think about sucking cock. What do you try to hide from everyone? The embarrassment of you wanting to suck cock. That you are a bona fide cock sucker through and through.

You don't need to hide it anymore - not from Me. You see, I realize you have these cock sucking fantasies and you've had them for a very long time. It's what gets you so turned on, and it's what you most often think about. Your girlfriend may not know, or even your best friend - but I do. I know. I'd like for you to fantasize about it with Me, I want to force you to think about it. Not only that, I want you to do it - you and I both know you really want to and you are looking for that one woman who will just give you what you need: to be forced.

Now stop hiding because I already found out about your dirty little secret, and wipe that shame off your face because I already know about your insatiable need to suck cock. So, you have a lot of work to do. Now, on your knees!