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You're not gay- in fact the thought of touching another man's cock repulses you. You aren't like all the other faggots that visit this site. You just happened upon it accidentally.

You are still here just because you want to see what these other guys find so fascinating about it. You want to wrap your lips around a big thick cock just to prove to yourself that you won't enjoy it. Yeah, I get it. Keep telling yourself that.

Oh my- look at that stiffy you are sporting! I know it is not because you find yourself breathless with anticipation at the deliciously forbidden thought of sucking cock. Or at the thought of tasting that warm sticky goo as it spews into your mouth and down your willing throat.

I know you are having a hard time admitting to yourself that you not only want to suck cock, but you that you have an insatiable desire to do so.

Don't worry my cocksucking friend, your secret is safe with me. I wont even tell when you eventually realize that you need more- that just sucking cock isn't enough. That after you've made that rock hard cock slick, shiny, and wet, you have an unexplainable need to feel that big, hard, throbbing cock in your ass.

I understand that you can't admit this forbidden secret to anyone, because you believe that *real* men would never, ever, under any circumstances, even think of touching another man's cock.

You are sadly mistaken in that belief, my new found cock whore; there isn't a man alive that hasn't thought about it at least once. What makes you a *real* man is that you are finally able to admit it, if only to yourself.