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Oh, how will it feel? You know you have imagined it. You have replayed the scene over and over in your mind every day for years now. You so badly want to feel the soft tip of a cock press against your lips. You want to go further and let it slide it into your mouth. You want to be the one to make it grow into a hard, thick, and throbbing cock.

And your fantasy keeps going, doesn't it? You want him to grab you by the back of the head and pump your mouth, slowly, then building up a rhythm, then finally all the way in, deep throating you. You await the first drops of salty and sweet precum on your tongue. You want to feel his balls tighten, and to hear his moans and grunts get louder as he approaches climax.

Now that you have come this far, you feel a twinge of fear as this is your first time. What will that first explosion be like? You know it is almost there and get ready to gulp and swallow the whole load down, just like a good cocksucker should!

I can train you to do all this and more! We'll begin slowly with a dildo. I will have you practice... then will come the fun part. I will help you find a wonderful place to suck a cock. We'll go on a field trip to the glory hole booths. You can do it. Let your inner cocksucker take it all!