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Yes, that's it, say it. I want you to hear yourself utter that word out loud. Yes, I want you to tell your Mistress that is just what you want?a big, thick, hard cock! I know that you want it SO badly.

I can hear it in your voice, I can see it on your face, I can look down and that bulge in your pants has given you away. And you know's okay that you do.

Actually, it's MORE than okay! In fact, I think it's really quite hot and incredibly sexy! Oh yes...I AM one of those women who just love to see her man down on his knees worshiping another man?s big beautiful hard cock.

So, you needn't be embarrassed and you needn't feel ashamed. All you need to do is SURRENDER to it.

That's right. I will help you to do just exactly that. Because you and I have one thing in common. Yes, our desire for YOU to suck a big fat juicy cock. You can talk about it all you want...why it feels wrong...why you shouldn't have it...but in the end the facts speak for themselves. You want that cock, you need that cock, you crave that cock!

So, that's it. No more talking. LET'S GO!!! I am waiting for you and so are all of those big hard juicy cocks. They want you?they want your mouth?that hot wet slutty little mouth of yours! I will teach you everything I know and soon you will be my perfect little cock whore.

But we're not done. Oh no! I am not satisfied yet. "Get on your hands and knees", I whisper in your ear. A wave of sheer excitement pulsates through your entire body for you have only dreamed about being filled so utterly and completely. "Relax my little slut I will take good care of you."