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2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


Toll Free Number: 800-730-9402

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Hello cock slut. I know about your dark fantasies. The ones you can't tell a soul, except maybe me?of being seduced and humiliated by a dominate Mistress, feminized, and forced onto your knees before one of my hot boy toys. You're obsessed with sucking cock and can't wait to tell me how much you crave it! Only you can't bring yourself to actually suck a real cock because you're terrified you might like it too much. Let me guess, you've been thinking about sucking cock for years and/or decades.

Kneeling to pleasure a man has been on your mind for some time, but sadly it has to be a secret because your girl friend or wife just wouldn't understand or like it. In fact, you know they might get very upset. Maybe you've been secretly sucking cock whenever you can get the chance. Obviously you can't tell your co-workers, but sometimes you crave being secretly found out. Good news, your secret's safe with me!

Do you find yourself wearing panties to your corporate job? Do you dream of being humiliated and called my cum slut while I slap your balls? Or maybe you just want the fantasy?to be taken to a place of total surrender where the forbidden fruit fantasy of cocksucking becomes so real that you find yourself wanting to live in it permanently?it can happen. I can indulge your darkest bi fantasies in role plays so graphically real that you will swear it really happened!

If you're like the many cocksuckers who love to confess to me, then I will guide your hungry face to the exact place that makes your legs weak. I will bring you face-to-face with a rock hard cock. You will take it as far down your throat as you can while I whisper in your ear to respect the cock and refrain from gagging. It's too late now! I'm very demanding and your destiny is in my control. Oh, your secret desire isn't fulfilled yet? Have you ever imagined what it's like to feel your legs pushed back and the pain of penetration change into pleasure? This is when I will tell you to let ropes of cum hit your face...If we go far enough, I will make you gently lap up what's left.

If you feel that you were destined to be a cocksucker and would like to discuss it with me, I take sessions most days and evenings or check my schedule for updates.