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A man with bisexual interests is a person of incredible sexual desire for me, especially when he doesn't really know yet that the description fits him. Some of my most fulfilling sexual experiences have been when I had the opportunity to facilitate and direct the sexual involvement of one man with another, especially when it was one man's first time. Usually, they pretend that the other man is only incidental at first, shy to admit their desire for cock. But I pride myself on providing such a relaxed yet sexually charged atmosphere that barriers seem to fall of their own accord. Don't worry--I won't exact the truth immediately unless you want to confess. I'll let you pretend for a while that you're only trying it to please me, which is a good impulse for you to have anyway. But the proof is in the voracious way you work for his cum once you've gotten the hang of my gentle instructions, the way your own cock flexes even more stiffly when you hear the way you make him moan, the way you greedily lap at his balls while I take over the sucking, demonstrating new tricks for you to try.

What ever happened to the reluctant "mostly straight" boy who walked in the door earlier tonight? I'll tell you. He was replaced by a more honest version of himself, the one who knows, as I do, that sexuality is fluid and harder to define than mainstream society tends to be intelligent enough to understand. I'm glad to be the keeper of your secret, the one who uncovers and encourages your inner cocksucker, and perhaps your inner fuckboy as well. Let's introduce ourselves, and then, when we've gotten a sense of each other, I will introduce you to some of my horny friends. I have many with which you can practice your newfound art.