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Homoeroticism is built into male culture. When you consider the facts, I think you're constrained to admit it.

Think of who really draws emotional investment from men. I mean besides the romantic love, sense of propriety, and obligation that the average heterosexual cisgender male feels toward his partner or progeny. If you asked most men who inspires them, fills them with admiration, awe and humility, these are almost always other men.

What's more, they're often paragons of masculinity--superheroes, sports stars, rockstars, heroic historical figures and the like. They are what every man dreams of being, and most acknowledge they never will be. Genetics, circumstance, temperament, and the fact that life is not a Marvel comic prevent this.

Men are not only poised, therefore, to recognize their betters, but to willingly concede to them the lion's share of what they consider the rewards of superior manhood. You've likely heard another man say, or even said yourself, that if a particular sports star demanded sexual access to your wife, you wouldn't be offended, and might even encourage her to go for it.

"Hell," you've said, "I'd suck his cock."

Yes, I bet you would.

The statement is usually couched in appreciation for some impressive feat of physical prowess or other manifestation of big dick energy, and said tongue in cheek, but jokes only land when they have a basis in truth.

So why deny it?

I have a little hobby, I guess you might call it. It's the stripping away of the layers of repression that allow you to pretend it's just a joke or a figure of speech that you would service another man sexually. A man who in some way exceeds you on the scale of manhood and/or achievement. After all, you already admit that he's entitled, simply by virtue of his superiority in all the things that matter.

In some cases, if the men who exceed you insisted that you suck their cock, you wouldn't be able to resist them.

What I want you to admit is that you wouldn't even try.

That the idea thrills you.

That you would offer, if you thought no one would ever find out.

That rather than keep your willing capitulation from your wife, girlfriend, or women at large, you fantasize about one or more of them deciding both that you are inferior, and that oral submission to the victor is required.

Perhaps you already have, and you're desperate to tell someone. Perhaps nothing makes you cum harder than expressing your inferiority with your mouth wrapped around the symbol of his superiority, whether in fantasy or reality.

Don't go back into hiding. It's too late, now. If you've read this far, it's the same as admitting that everything I've said is true.

Especially if you have an erection.

Instead, call your Mistress Rachel. Unburden yourself. Admit. Explore.


There's nothing wrong with admitting the superiority of other males. There's nothing wrong with cocksucking fantasies.

What's wrong is denying either one.

But maybe "wrong" is the wrong word. What word am I searching for?

Ah, yes. I know the one.