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I know what you want, and I want it too. I want you on your knees, open, compliant and with your nose buried in the groin of a hot stud. I want your lips locked around a throbbing cock. I want you to reach out and pull his ass towards you, pulling your mouth even further onto his cock.

I want you eager and moaning. You want this too. I can tell, darling, even despite all your protests. You can try to deny it, but I see where your eyes stray to, how you watch, the oh-so-casual glances. I watch you checking out the bulging packages of all the guys at the gym, waiting in line for your espresso drink and riding the elevator up to your office.

I know what you think about all day long. I think of it too, sweetness. The cutie in the mailroom, the executive in the corner office, the freaking janitor! You think about all of them, all the time. Dropping to your knees, slowly pulling the zipper down to reveal the object of all your fantasies. I bet you just licked your lips, reading this.

Oh, darling, I know what you need, what you want, and I so want to help you achieve it too! I'll arrange something with the gardener, or the college boy down the street. Something private just for you. And when you are ready, when you have practiced and accepted your place, then I will arrange an office party for you.

Open up that delicious mouth my dear, get ready for your deepest dream to become your wildest reality.