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Well hello there my curious cocksucker, so glad you took the time to seek me out. I know you need my help to guide you to be the best cum slut you know you can and desire to be.

I happen to have a special toy I like to use for teaching and training the correct way to suck a dick. A special someone just like you deserves this fun toy. My beautiful squirting hot-pink and leather Strap-on would be perfect for your hot wet mouth!

Have you ever desired to suck your own cock? Maybe even another man's cock? Well, it's best if you have a place to start. Why not learn exactly how a real man desires to have their meat sucked and stroked with my help? Find out how to best deep throat a thick dick with my toys but don't be afraid to gag. That sound alone can drive a man insane.

Mmmm you're doing so well. I love watching you on your knees guiding you up and down my thick rod. I love the eager look in your eyes each time you try push your head further and further down my shaft. It's time for you to feel the warm climax explode in your mouth.

You swallow it all like a good lil' cocksucker. I take your face in my hands and give you the softest, sweetest kiss on your lips. Looking deep into your eyes with a smile on my face I tell you that you have made me very happy. Practice is over. You are ready now for us to get you the real thing and it will be so yummy! Just remember not to be greedy and share with me.