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I know you're consumed with thoughts of long, hard cocks.

That you're curious about what it would feel like to wrap your lips over that warm, pulsing head, feel that shaft stroking in and out of your open mouth, plunging between your lips, spearing towards the back of your throat. Whether you're eager to start fluffing, or need a little erotic humiliation and coercion to get you on your knees...

You WILL become a Cocksucker.

My wicked teasing murmurs will stroke along your body, your cock, until my voice and the erotic fantasies we create together are the only things that exist in your world?-well that, your raging hard-on. You need a sensual, mischievous, and occasionally strict Mistress to indulge you, perhaps train you, and coax you into being the insatiable cock crazy slut your kinky little heart desires.

You've got a lovely little hole to fill, dear.

I know exactly how to put it to good use. When you're in the mood for hardcore domination instead of the softer, more sensual approach, I'll tease you and edge you relentlessly, using your darkest fantasies as my personal playground, bringing them mercilessly, irresistibly to life. I'll strip that hungry hide of yours---and give you plenty of hunky presents to unwrap. I'm not going to listen to any whines or whimpers...

The only begging I'll pay attention to will be pretty pleas for more.

Whether you want to be fed a cum one cum all buffet while you're bound in place, have a guided cocksucking session, sensual seduction, or any other variation of sausage-fest, call me, and I'll lead you every step, stroke, suck and fuck along the way.