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Get down on your knees. My friend here is going to unzip his pants and you are going to suck what he gives you. You had better do a damn good job of it too. Come on, give that cock a little kiss. Flick your tongue across the head and lap up that salty sweet precum. Now lick down the shaft and nuzzle those balls. Feel how full of cum they are? It won't be long until you have sucked it all out of there. Pop those balls into your mouth one at a time and roll them around between your lips and tongue. Let them go, I know you will be reluctant to do so, and turn your attention back towards the shaft. Lick your way back up to the head, feeling every bulge and vein beneath your tongue along the way. Open wide and wrap those lips around that angry purple mushroom cap. Can you feel his pulse through that throbbing member? It's going to get rough now as he grabs the back of your head and shoves your face down on his cock. Making you swallow every last inch of it. His balls slap against your chin as he pumps in and out of your throat. His moans and grunts grow louder as he approaches climax. Get ready for it. He is going to shoot his load right in your mouth and you are going to swallow it. Like the good little cock sucker you are.

Does this make me gay?

Even straight guys fantasize about sucking cock. The phallus symbolizes power and being down on your knees worshipping one - well it is the ultimate form of submission isn't it? And we all know how exciting it is to let go and submit. SO cum share your fantasies with me!

Then again... You really did seem to enjoy yourself and were such a good little cum slut cock sucker.