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Are you ready to encounter a life changing experience?

I know your subconscious curiosity wants it. I know it wants to feel it, reach out and touch it. It's ok if you've never touched another man's cock before. It's warm, soft and smooth. I want you to experience it growing in your hands, examining every inch of it- exploring it!

Don't be embarrassed or shy... the weird feeling will disappear. Instead, your feeling will get warmer and your emotions will become more comfortable with each and every experience.

Let's talk about how a cock would feel in your mouth, when it begins to swell and throb against your tongue. I know you've tried really hard to fight it, but just give in to the idea. I want you to imagine the excitement you would feel anticipating that load of cum, shooting down your throat.'re going to enjoy the taste of cum, and how it tastes sort of sweet and salty at the same time.

I get it. You've always considered yourself straight because of your strong attraction to women with big asses and big breasts. And of course you've never had an issue with getting girls, right? But somehow you steadily find yourself fantasizing more and more about another guy's thick cock and big balls.

Isn't there just something that just fascinates you about it all? I want to help you muster up the courage to act on it. Let's make this fantasy a reality.