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Calling all cock hungry subbies! Are you prepared for a Mistress to guide you? I know what you secretly dream of, no matter how much you may try to hide it. Maybe you'll be the first to admit that you've got cock on the brain, and that your mouth waters just thinking about it. But some of you do all that you can to conceal your love for cock, working hard to fool everyone else that knows you. After all, it might be hard to admit it to yourself, to face what you know you are! Whether you are a shameless cockslut or keep your desires right under the radar, Mistress knows the truth and is ready to say it out loud! In a session with me, we'll have you on your knees where you belong! Perhaps you experimented years ago and a thick, meaty cock hasn't passed through your lips since. But I know for a fact that if you've given in just once, you won't be able to stop thinking about it no matter how long it's been. And I am ready to use that to my advantage and bring out your natural talent. Face what you are, cocksucker. Let's weave dirty sexy fantasies together so that when you close your eyes, you're right back in the action you crave. Let me guide you, instruct you, and be that little nudge that you yearn for. You need a Mistress with the power of persuasion, because so many of you won't go out and find a cock on your own. Let me stoke that fire deep inside you, and remind you how much you liked it last time! You won't be able to calm that beast until you give into it. With me, you'll surrender again and again!