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I know you have tried to put that incident from your college days behind you. It was a temporary, slightly - drunken lapse in judgment. That is what you told yourself anyway. As the years went by though, old memories and feelings started to rear their ugly heads. I completely understand. You try to push those unnatural, kinky thoughts to the back of your mind, but the cock betrays you.

The cock I am referring to is yours! It gets hard at the thought of him. A convenient marriage could not cure you of the thoughts you replay in your mind of getting down on your knees for him. Go ahead...fuck your wife or girlfriend. I dare you to try and get hard for her. I know many men just like you. I remind you of the longing deep inside that never goes away. You may have shot a healthy load of spunk inside her, but I know your secret.

Say the words. You had to think about being a bottom bitch in order to cum inside her. I realize the pussy does not excite you like it used to. Going to a dark theater, posting an illicit ad or cruising in the wrong part of town gets you hard though, doesn't it? No need to hide from me. It is a story I know all too well.

Do not worry, you are safe with me. I have a few demands. Admit the fact that you are a cock sucker. Say it clearly and with feeling. Now get down on your knees because that is where you were meant to be. Beg me to allow you to slurp that thick , juicy phallus into your hungry mouth. Mmmmm...that tastes good. You love the feeling of surrendering to that manly member down your throat. Call and tell me just how hot it gets you!