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Hello, I am Roselyn and I understand the need to feel a big cock in your mouth. I know you are curious about sucking dick. You think about what it will taste like and if you can take it all. With my instruction I will teach you how to suck dick and I know you will love it. You just need a little help. You know it turns you on to think about being down on your knees and sucking cock. The excitement you will feel tasting that cock for the first time. Hearing the groans and grunts of the man or men you are sucking off and giving pleasure to.

You may want to back out of it but I will be there to support you or convince you if needed. You will finish the dick at hand and suck it until he explodes in your mouth. A good cocksucker always swallows. You must swallow that load and feel it on your lips. You will know your place is down on your knees. You will be sucking while looking up at a big alpha male and enjoying being his bitch. I want you to take more than one dick trying two or three at the same time. I think the idea of you sucking cock at a party is super hot. I would enjoy whoring you out and making you suck cock for my entertainment. I am wonderful at coerced femme fantasies and role-plays.

If you need my help, of course, I will help you. I can get down on my knees right beside you and teach you how to suck it and lick it and give that cock the ultimate pleasure possible. You will learn how to suck cock and how to do it right. I am looking forward to your first lesson.