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Very often I've been asked how I feel about the prospect of partaking in girl-on-girl action. Of course, this comes as no big surprise seeing as how it's one of the more prosaic, garden-variety male fantasies. It's understandably hot to an extent and I am not knocking it one bit. However . . . do you know what I find really intriguing and tingling?

One of my very personal peccadilloes is watching two guys who may typically (or at least overtly), identify as straight, exploring and teasing each other to appease and entertain me. I would of course want to eventually join in and create a m?nage ? trois (after all, the visuals would be sure to whet my appetite). I just love being treated like a Sex-Goddess or reincarnated Freya, perusing my minstrels and subjects as I see fit, to fulfill all my salacious desires and wanton whims. To see a man go out of his comfort zone for me is intoxicatingly appealing. And seeing him expose his more vulnerable side, while braving new experiences in never before charted territories, makes my pulse pirouette. I'd be sure to gently coax him into soft surrender and hold his hand as our hot male companion plunders him thoroughly, or teach him (with my personal expertise), how to pleasure a male orally, under my encouraging tutelage.

Ultimately, I'd hope he'd, on some secret level at least, enjoy his first foray into being taken by a man. And then in turn, he would take me next . . . all the while being mindful and careful, as there is only a very small, petite frame of me to go around for the demands of both men, making sharing imperative (although fighting it out would be another option I suppose . . . gladiator-to-gladiator . . . with little old me being the prize). To delve into and indulge in more salacious details of some of my fave decadent dalliances, call me.

Would you like to be one of my boy toys/dolls/royal subjects? I'm currently accepting applications . . . let's see if you fit the position.