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Seduced Bi and Coerced Cocksucking

Your cock in your hand, you visualize yourself on your knees, a complete stranger in front of you, his semi-hard dick staring you in the face...what do you do?

Oh, I know exactly what you do! You purse your lips, kiss the head of his cock as if it were a lover... then, as he gets harder, you open your mouth...and begin. How many times have you had that masturbation fantasy? How many times have you watched cocksucking porn and put yourself in the person-on-their-knees' place? Have you practice sucking on vegetables? Your fingers? A dildo?

And, the best part... are you straight? Are you baffled by these fantasies? Confused where they are coming from and why they haunt you? Do you worry you might be bisexual... or even, gay? When having sex with a woman, do you "feel" a dick in your ass to cum?

I know all your secrets, hon. I've spent eons with gay men who took me under their wings, teaching me all about sucking a dick and having anal sex. I have also knelt with straight men and talked them through their first cocksucking experiences, touching their cheeks as their mouths are filled with a dick. I love whispering in their ears what sweet faggots they are... and note their own penises hard as a rock getting their fantasies fulfilled.

If you're wanting someone who knows to talk to, I would love to share my knowledge and experiences with you. Come let this woman talk you through the experience, as eager or as reticent as you are... we can do it together.