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How can you tell if you have a passion for cock? There are a few simple questions you can answer to determine if you are - in fact - a cum guzzling cock whore. Do you spend endless hours at the grocery store, staring longingly at the cucumber display? When you get to the frozen food section, does your mouth water at the mere sight of popsicles? Do you burst into tears every time you walk past the kielbasa?

Then congratulations, you love cock! Don't feel ashamed at your new found discovery. There are plenty of omega males in your position who've come to the shocking conclusion, that they are envious of all their female counterparts who get lots of dick.

In my experience, I can usually zero in on the guys who have an oral fixation, just by listening to their words, and the tone and inflection of their voice. For instance, if I'm talking to you about my well hung boyfriend, with the girthy nine inch dick, and your voice goes up a few octaves in response, I know I'm dealing with an undercover cock sucker, and nothing makes me happier.

To be quite honest, I take delight in making men suck cock, describing the feel and texture of a big dick as it fills your mouth, the way it makes your sphincter tingle with anticipation as that glans penis hits the back of your throat. Of course, the big pay off for me, and for you, is watching you take that hot load, as the dominant male of your species spends himself in your pretty little mouth. Intrigued? You should be, and I for one am looking forward to speaking in depth with you about your cock sucking fetish.