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I saw you intently gobbling up the sight before you: The huge package the mechanic sported between his legs as he rolled under a truck, on a dolly. Since his head was under the truck, his package was displayed for all to see without fear of being caught by the owner of the delectable package. A chance to get more than just a glimpse. You took advantage of the opportunity, too. You didn't think anyone was around to see you hungrily devour what you imagined lay beneath the fabric. As you gazed, I could see your chest start to heave a little, your face slightly flushed. It's then I knew. I knew your secret. It was plain to see.

You're not gay, wouldn't be gay, you would tell yourself. You have no problem getting laid. After all, you are in love! With a GIRL. But something, from who knows where, is an urge. An ever-growing itch fueled by snippets of images stolen just like this. You couldn't resist gazing and wondering, do I really want to touch it?

Your own cock twitches to life at the images flashing in your mind of what you might do. Confused, unsure, mind racing, heart beating faster as your thoughts torture you. What if you gave in to your desires? You couldn't want cock and be happily married to a woman, and be considered straight, right? But what if you could? What if there was a way to have both? There had to be a way to satisfy these relentless urges.

You may not see a way, a way to explore and be safe. I do, I know of the way.

You see, my lovelies, you (like many) just need the right guide, the right support, and acceptance to fully come to terms with your desires. Your secrets are safe with me. Don't deny yourself. Suck training starts the minute you call. As a Jr. Cocksman you will learn to come to terms with your desires, growing, exploring, and learning as you graduate to Sr. Cocksman, where the lessons will get harder. During this semester, you will determine the rest of your cock's fate.

Do you want to graduate and become a Certified Cocksucker? Many people choose not to. They are happy being Jr. or Sr. Cocksmen. It's up to you. But if you dare, if you want more and want complete your education, then I suggest you aim high and achieve your Certified Cock Sucker title.

In order to graduate from suck training and get your official Cock Suckers Title you'll have to Ace the final exam! It truly is the best part!.

I personally LOVE the final exam, and you will too! Call me you cocksucker!