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So, you are a male, and you are interested in cock! Fantastic! I love when a male can admit his desires, even if they are not mainstream. Maybe you are here because you have barely been able to admit those desires to yourself! I know, it takes courage to confess and explore the world of cock on your own. So the help of a sexy vixen is often just what you need! Men sucking cock has to be in my top five list of erotic and arousing sexy play! What kind of cock sucker are you? What's that? You didn't know there were different "types" of cocksuckers? There are! I know all about you and what WE have in common. Our focus on that fantastic phallus! Some of the most common types of cock suckers, and ones I've written about in my submissive male series: Men Who Suck Cock are :

*Submissive cock sucker
*Feminized cock sucker
*Bro blow
*Humiliated Cock sucker

Some of you may be skeptical. How Can We have fun together if I don't actually HAVE a cock?

*chuckles* Have you forgotten about my lady dick? Certainly a representative lady cock can be erotic and exciting in your cock sucking journey!

Perhaps you are at the cock curious stage. We can discuss your desires, what types of cock do you crave. Is it the cock , or is it the cum which is more powerful for you. What makes the fantasy of sucking cock hot for you?

Some fantasy cocksuckers have divine ideas about taking that next step! Do you see yourself moving down this path to pleasing a real cock?

Regardless, your ideas and goals then become mine and together we will explode your cock sucking journey to levels you just can't on your own. I've helped many balance their everyday life and their kinky desires, and even helped many get on that FIRST cock!

Are you are a total cock slut, ready to serve and please as many cocks as I desire? Bring it, I love my cock sluts and all they bring to my table!

Yes, pet, you can tell. I know all about cock sucking men, what motivates them to do so and how powerless you feel, to fight off those cock sucking desires.Stop fighting, start submitting!

There are also many ways we can play. The traditional phone session where we can chat, train or role play a hot cock sucking scene! I also offer sexy texting sessions via Skype as well as voice over Skype and even viewing you on cam is a hot option for us!

So what are you waiting for, you want that cock, you want an excited enthusiastic Mistress to guide,train and celebrate you! Here I am, let's play!