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At Mayhem Manor I have a Private Gym and Spa for my Gentleman Guests. I suspect I could use you to service their "needs."

Why? Because I know that you fight your longing for Cock and the urge to wrap your lips around a thick meaty shaft and rim its head with your hot, hungry tongue.

I will start you off in your training as a "Stall" attendant. Within the hallowed Men's Spa Room Stalls. It is there that you will kneel and deep throat every Shaft that "cums" your way.

After I have viewed Client Rating Cards on your Cock Sucking Skills it's off to a Sports and Gaming Club that a Dear associate of mine owns.

Yes, it is at the "Glory Hole Gaming Club," that you will finesse your desires to the depths of your cock sucking Soul. I will relish watching you on your hands and knee's as you suck and swallow every shaft that pokes its meaty head through the Lavatory walls. You will be the Clubs cream filled Cock slut, sucking, swallowing and savoring each drop with your unquenchable thirst for Cock.

Under my expert tutelage and quality control it is at the "Glory Hole" that you will be transformed into a Cock sucking, Cream Swallowing Machine and your only desire will be to service the demanding needs of the Customers.

When I have judged you as providing excellence in your skills at the "Glory Hole," then its off to Paris and making you cruise the Sanisettes, Public Toilets, for a French Cock Sucking Escapade! That should prove to be quite the "Rough Trade," experience for you.

Oooh, La, La!