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Men who suck dick turn me on. Perhaps it's the stigma of being labeled a cocksucker in modern society, many men still will only discuss their cocksucking desires in secret, for fear of losing their straight card.

Fuck your straight card. Because sucking dick doesn't make you gay, it makes you a candidate to sit on my lap for a while... and bounce merrily on my strapon while I fuck the brakes off you. And I like to combine both of those things.

It's a high honor to see a submissive penis owner giving another penis owner a blow job. Why penis owner? Because everyone who has a dick isn't necessarily a man. Get with the times, boo. I don't care if it's a trans girl cock, strapon dick, or a cis-male dick, I want to see you make love to that dick, with your mouth.

How hot that would be, for me, encouraging you with filthy connotations of what a "good boi" or "good gurl" you are, while stretching your ass out. And how exciting for you, the penis owner with dick desires, swallowing another man's cum. Good bois always swallow, pet.

Let's say you identify as a man, who secretly wants to - or has - experience having another cock in your mouth. You're skittish because you fear the cocksucker label, that's where you bring The Duchess in and I guide you in the ways of giving a good blow job. I like playing with bois who like to suck and be fucked, and this could be us, if you take the plunge and call the Black Domme with the deep voice.

If you're a blow job virgin, just know that practice makes perfect. The more dick you suck for me, the better you'll get at it. And the more cum loads you swallow for me, the more addicted you will get to being my personal cock sucking fuck doll. All you have to do is start with your mouth, and then we can work on the rest of your holes. I'm warning you now, I'm greedy, I don't just want your mouth, you're going to have to give up that ass, too.

Don't think I don't know about you're other fantasies. You know which ones I'm talking about, because if you know who I am, you read all about the Giantess with the big chocolate stick; the Ebony Femdom who grew a dick after exposed to a mutant virus. I think you know where I'm going with this. We can talk about your Ebony dick girl fantasies in depth, you can suck my virtual dick for me if you like to play, and there are so many other things I can show you, cocksucker. Take my hand and enter the chosen path of my personal cum slut.

Blow job training with The Duchess begins when you pick up that phone, not in your head. Let's go playboi, I'm waiting for you.