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Hello there. I'm sure you have a secret you are dying to release. Come on now don't be shy. I'm not here to pass judgment. I'm here to coax your hidden desires up and out where you can truly enjoy them. These feelings need to be explored for us to realize your potential.

I'm sure delving between her legs feels great, but there is something inside you that craves something more illicit. Something that fills you with a different excitement than you've ever felt before. You find yourself imagining something else between those warm legs. You lust for a commanding voice to order you to your knees. Sending a sensation down your body, when you're face to face with a sight that makes your mouth water.

Don't worry. I'll be there to teach you how to handle his length for the first time. It may be intimidating at first but you won't believe how right it will feel having a large pulsing cock in your mouth. Tasting the salty droplets from an excited swollen mushroom head will give you the encouragement you need to go all the way.

Being a little cock curious is only natural. It's ok to be a little hesitant but once you get your first taste your not going to want to stop. With me, I'll stop at nothing to make sure we unlock that amazing cock sucker inside you that I know you are.

Unhinge that jaw and let's take the back of your throat for a wild ride.