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It's time to take your fascination with cock all the way! And by "all the way", I mean all the way in your mouth and down your throat. I don't want to hear that you're not gay, you don't do that, you just like to look but not suck - at least one of those isn't true, and you might just turn out to be a natural-born cocksucker. Now that's a talent that should never be wasted when there are so many deserving cocks out there!

I have one of those suck-worthy cocks lined up for you tonight, and I'm going to be right there to tell you what to do, get you cock-crazy, and push you harder like a pervy cheerleader! First you'll take his balls in your mouth because I get such a kick out of feeling them through your cheeks, lol. Then I'll gently but firmly cradle your head against my thighs so you can't change your mind and pull away. That's when you'll start licking and swirling and moaning and pumping with your hungry little mouth until you can feel the head pushing at the back of your throat. Your throat will open up and that thick, juicy cock will fill it up. Soon enough, you'll feel his thighs tighten and his balls rise up to your chin. That's the "No Quit No Spit" point of no return...yes, that's right, I said "no spit" because submissive cocksuckers *always* swallow. Don't make that face, you're going to love every last gooey drop!