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You may not yet allow yourself to think this fantasy all the way through, stopping just before the point of no turning back. But it's getting more and more difficult to stop your that horny mind from going there.

What is this deep, dark taboo secret that you have? This craving that is spending so much time on your mind. You want to suck cock, of course! No, you NEED to suck cock. More and more, your own cock gets hard just thinking about this forbidden treat.

At work, no one knows what you are thinking when your thoughts wander during meetings. Your handsome male co worker has no idea that you are wondering how big his cock is when you are supposed to be paying attention.

You're probably married or have a girlfriend. And you and everybody else believe that you're straight. Maybe you are. But you can't seem to get enough gay porn and it sure does make your cock hard any time I tease you and tell you that I think you're gay.

You seem to be seeking my permission to do it. To finally give in and feel a big cock in your mouth. Maybe you think that if a pretty girl makes you do it, you can suck cock guilt free.

You have never actually indulged in this naughty fantasy of yours. Not yet, anyway. In fact, you've begged me to find you a man who will let you serve him and worship his cock. His very long, very thick cock.

And finally, one day I do.

I love the sight of a man on his knees ready to do whatever it takes to the man standing before him. Now, take that massive phallus in your hand and I'll teach you exactly what to do.